Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

1. The pathway to self-healing lies in personal responsibility.
2. As beings, we receive and transmit informational energy.
3. Everything you have ever experienced (all memory, suppressed or otherwise) on the physical, emotional, or mental planes are aspects of this informational energy, including all sensory information (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, including pain and all other physical sensations), all emotional information, and all mental information, including word patterns.
4. Right now, or during these experiences, you have either been aware/awake, or asleep.
5. You have been aware/awake if you have witnessed yourself witnessing the experience, while experiencing it.
6. You have been asleep if you have been identified with the experience, or stuck in a reactive pattern.
7. You have either loved the experience, or you have resisted it.
8. If you have resisted it, and thinking of it still brings up this resistance for you, then you are not free in this area of concern, you are reactive.
9. All of us have felt vulnerable/overwhelmed/shocked/unconscious ( All of us have protected and adapted (denial/control/cause/yang) to deal with these vulnerabilities (overwhelm/victim/effect/yin) in multiple ways.
10. Our identification and resistance to these polarizations forms stimulus-response-conditioned-reflexes, cravings, aversions, prejudices, holding patterns, reactive patterns, resistances, engrams, gestalts, coping patterns, suppression, conditioning, programming, attachment, self-concepts, belief systems, identification with matter, karma, disease processes, crystallization, rigidity, hardening, issues, and multiple other terms from different therapies/philosophies.
11. Most of us are 99% reactive. If you argue with this, you are 100% reactive.
12. Acknowledging this is the beginning of humility, compassion, understanding, and wisdom.
13. Once consciously acknowledged, an individual can set about freeing themselves from their crystallized reactive patterns/stimulus-response-conditioned-reflexes. These include phobias, addictions, cravings, aversions, compulsions, self-concepts, belief systems, etc.
14. These crystallized patterns contain suppressed energy which is electrically, emotionally, and mentally resisted and forms physical crystallizations/calcifications/hardenings in the physical body. Please see article on crystallization by same author.
15. We experience our lives and see the world around us through these crystallizations. This IS our karma, which we have created. This is not freedom.
16. The universe will continually, efficiently, and amorally offer stimuli which trigger off your reactive patterns. This can be viewed as a form of homeostasis, or conscious life/great being healing itself.
17. At this time you may remember to be aware, and ask yourself When have I felt this way before?
18. What you resist persists.
19. Your own suppressed reactive complexes from resisted memory will create whole patterns of resisted events (gestalts) in your life until you learn to remember, forgive, and release your resistances in the given area of concern.
20. It should be understood that this crystallized karma may ultimately be experienced as having come from several sources. Some of these may seem questionable, and trigger off reactive patterns of skepticism/contempt/condemnation/judgement. If this is so, please witness these reactive complexes and remember when you have felt this way before. I offer these so they may at least be put on the shelf and considered over much time and many people, with narrowness of purpose and breadth of vision. Remember, contempt prior to thorough investigation will enslave a person to ignorance.
21. These sources of crystallized karma can include resisted memory from: this lifetime; past lifetimes; ancestral/inherited memory; entity involvement; potential other.
22. To resolve karmic considerations, please consider the article by same author on The List. A person can decide to dedicate their life to karmic resolution, or at least to gradiently set goals in this area.
23. This often involves asking for and granting forgiveness.
24. Practise Gratitude for every experience of life.
25. Lovingly and willingly experience all things, all events in your life, with non-resistance, awareness, and equanimity.
26. Creative visualization is one important way of proceeding consciously, but the resisted memory and associated energy patterns/holograms of sensory memory, emotion, and word patterns will also create unconsciously. The conscious creation can be seen as the tip of an iceberg, but ninety percent of the iceberg is under the water, representing the unconscious creation. You can visualize your future all you want, but your resisted memory will still keep remanifesting in your life until you have transmuted it.
27. This is something to be grateful for, and is the wisdom of the great being manifest, the life and light of the universe healing itself.
28. What is around you is still you.
29. We see the world the way we are (through our crystals).
30. There are many ways, many techniques, many therapies, and many people. There is more than one way to do anything.
31. Certain spiritual attitudes seem fundamental to success with all of these. These include: Awareness, Equanimity, Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Gratitude.
32. These attitudes or qualities must be practised in such a way that a person encompasses, and includes all experience on all levels which opposes the attitudes/qualities themselves. In other words, love that you didn't love, love how much you hate the pain, forgive that you couldn't forgive, or love and accept the part of yourself that cannot forgive, be grateful for your past lack of gratitude, accept that you resist, etc. Otherwise a very advanced form of spiritual schizophrenic denial can result. Instant sainthood smells quite interesting! Encompass and own everything, exclude and deny nothing. This is something of a Zen Paradox.
33. In order to grow spiritually as beings, it is necessary to release ourselves from these reactive patterns, thus gradiently restoring our free agency.
34. CONSCIOUS COMMITMENT with WILL and DESIRE to this process will allow a person to succeed in this area.
35. There are at least a million highly creative excuses/reasons/justifications to avoid this, which are all reactive. Even the decision to embrace this will likely be reactive to begin with, if one observes onself deeply enough!
36. Here's a hint: If you are attached in any way to the idea of having dealt with some particular event or memory, then you are still resisting it at some level.
37. If you are trying to force another person to face their resisted memory, it's your issue. I believe it is important to honour another person's rights of self-determination. If you have a compulsion to coerce somebody, the compulsion is yours, whether you are right or not. Deal with your own compulsion.
38. You cannot forgive what you cannot remember.
39. Unconsciousness is lack of, disowned, denied, or totally-resisted memory. Suppressed memory will gradually emerge from complete unconsciousness, through subconsciousness, to preconsciousness, to consciousness, and then to full loving grateful conscious awareness. The memory will change from absent, to general, to highly specific in nature. Eventually responsibility for one's own experience will be reclaimed, and the true reality of time, space, form, and event will be consciously acknowledged and accepted.
40. The physical body is the gateway to spirituality, the temple of the soul.
41. If your body remembers an event then you haven't forgiven- Rev Beth Gray
42. Your actions will demonstrate how much you love your body, or don't.
43. Your body has biological requirements including physical nutrients, water, air/breathing, movement, sleep/rest, earth energy, sun energy, etc.
44. If you love your body, you will probably want to learn what these are and ensure they are met.
45. Your body is a useful tool to deal with resisted memory, and the reactive patterns derived from it, because you experienced the memory through your body, including senses, nervous system, and brain.
46. Your nervous system is dependent on nutrients, and its function can be suppressed by various substances.
47. The process of spiritual growth and physical regeneration involves growing the ability to love what you experience, and the reason you can experience at all is because your brain receives information through your sensory nerves, and transmits it through your motor nerves.
48. All reactive patterns are tied into these nerves.
49. Any degree of comparative numbness/unconsciousness in the body tissues and nerves therefore indicates areas of resisted memory.
50. Any degree of compulsive physical tension or reactive movement indicates areas of compulsive memory.
51. Nervous reflexes in the body cannot be effectively used for healing when they are numb.
52. As an experience is resisted and goes into numbness and unconsciousness, the body begins a process of hardening/crystallisation. This has many medical names, and often results in people shopping for bodyworkers.
53. If this disease process deepens over time, various pathogens (bugs) can occupy the body tissues as part of a natural back-up cleaning out process. Please research the concept of pleomorphism.
54. Further disease process results in cellular changes including cancer and gangrene/necrosis.
55. To understand this more deeply, please read the papers and listen to the CD on the healing crisis, and the healing and disease process continuum.
56. Sometimes the body has toxic material it wishes to eliminate. Sometimes the sensory experience of this seems easy for some people to resist, so unnecessary suppressive drugs are used. This results in the retention of the toxic material which congests the body tissues, then numbness and hardening build up, causing a suppression/disease process.
57. So to love your process of spiritual growth and physical regeneration you must learn to feed your body tissues/nerves/cells and support your body's natural self-healing processes, including eliminations.
58. Certain influences/techniques result in suppression of the nervous system, interfering with the flow of sensory information and motor information to and from the brain. In order to heal and grow these influences must be removed and their numbing effects must be gradiently removed and transcended. This can take a lot of work.
59. These include all stimuli which are beyond the ability of the physical body to adapt, and all practices which reinforce avoidance of suppressed reality of time, space, form, and event.
60. Included are: firewalks, marijuana, pain-killers, anaesthetic, electric shocks, drugs, certain forms of hypnosis, suggestion, and mind control techniques, letting the pain float away in a pink bubble, transferring an addiction for chocolate over to an addiction for carrots, being hypnotized to believe an event happened in a way other than it really did, and any other form of excessive inhibition or stimulation.
61. Any excessive inhibition or stimulation will have a sinusoidal wave form pattern of action and reaction. In other words, what is given in the short-term is taken away in the long-term. For example, a drug may induce an altered state of spiritual experience so-called, but in order to do so, drug residues accumulate in the body, and large amounts of brain energy and substance, yang and yin, are used up all at once in a peak experience that the person is not yet ready for. This results in brain energy deficit and a deficiency of high-inherent-energy neurotransmitters/neuropeptides/neurohormones which would otherwise have been available to the person for many years of thinking/feeling/growing/remembering. This ultimately results in a degradation of brain structure, memory, and body-mind integration. Every up has a down. Too much caffeine or any stimulant leads first to an energy high, and then ultimately to a form of depression. Sugar use causes a transient hyperglycemia, followed by hypoglycemia. There are many such examples of transient overstimulation leading to exhaustion. There is no free lunch! If flame accelerant is used on a fire then the wood will burn out faster and hotter and leave more ashes and charcoal more quickly.
62. Marijuana use has been extensively studied in Holland where its use is legal. It has been found that it inhibits blood circulation to the brain. This is a long-term cumulative effect. It works in part by suppressing blood flow to certain brain areas. The blood flow to these brain areas does not return to normal, but is a little less after each time marijuana is used. So with such inhibitory substances, the initial downcurve does not get followed by an equal upcurve, but one that is slightly less than starting-point. Please consider, under these conditions the very ability to restore suppressed memory is being eroded, and layers of suppression and unconsciousness are being retained in the body-mind-spirit complex that is a person, perhaps your person. This is often done out of ignorance and inexperience with these understandings. If people truly understood the level of long-term suppression involved and how much work is required to even begin to heal it they would not continue with such a practice. The residue from one dose of marijuana can still be present in the brain 10 years later.
63. People often have very creative and very strong reactive patterns of attachment/justification/avoidance/denial/craving/aversion in connection with their favorite substances. This is definitely allowed, but this doesn't change the fact that certain substances damage the very ability of a person to remember and transmute their past resistances/reactive patterns.
64. Educate, Educate, Educate. Teach your best understanding and let people determine their own destiny, that responsibility of decision may be learned. I feel sad that sometimes it is never learned, or learned seemingly too late. If a person hasn't already decided to give up a substance, then you telling them to probably won't help.
65. The roots of addiction are in resisted memory and avoided pain. Have compassion for people, and give them time.
66. These influences which hamper your spiritual growth, physical regeneration, and your reconnection with your resisted/suppressed energy and memory patterns must gradually fall away from you as you rise above your attachment to them.
67. Please re-read The Way of Healing Crisis by same author with new eyes, and a deeper understanding, and then construct your List.
68. Gradiently, the love of consciousness itself will blossom and grow inside you, as your eyes shine more and more brightly.
69. This appearance is called shen ming or shining spirit, in ancient Chinese tradition.
70. I wish you all shen ming, because I love the light in your eyes and feel sad when I see it grow weaker. May your eyes shine with the radiance of the sun, dissolving all resistance.