A Page of Blessings

My gratitude to all of my teachers
and the lineages from which they came.

May we all learn from eachother.
Teacher and student are one.

May there be affection, patience, and gratitude
between teachers and students.

May we help eachother to heal.

May we all see and revel in delight at our oneness
With the light, love, laughter and dancing
Of the One Great Being
Father and Mother of All that lives, breathes, and moves
Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of all that is
In whom we all have our being

May you see the light and love of the Great Being
Shining through all your thoughts, feelings, and actions

May Love, Joy, Compassion, Gratitude
Patience, Respect, Humility, Sincerity, Honesty
Fairness, Courage, Gentleness, and Kindness
Arise within you, moment by moment
Again and again
And fill your life.

May all beings be happy!

Early Spring, 2005.

Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT www.conscioushealing.com.au