Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

1. Over the years of patient and consistent clinical observations with many clients, certain patterns begin to become obvious. This provides the opportunity to evolve a more accurate philosophy of healing. This document is based on these past years of clinical observation and treatment. This includes: long-term observations of series of healing crises in many people over a considerable number of years; constructive changes in the iris and sclera of the eye; return of feeling and sensory function to numb areas; return of motor function to paralysed areas; nutritional analysis; lifestyle analysis; postural assessment/alignment; movement testing/joint palpation/myofascial symmetry assessment/rebalancing; restoration of cranial symmetry; structural regeneration; tissue regrowth; and reflex palpation.

2. In short, bodily eliminations must be supported consciously by people wishing to heal patterns of physical distortion or other mentioned in title. Failure to understand this can sabotage the clinical aims of bodywork. If a person suppresses bodily eliminations, and continues bodily intoxication, then chronic holding patterns, postural distortions, movement restrictions, and myofascial restrictions, will persist, or be recreated.

3. The healing crisis concept, the healing and disease process continuum, and the process of crystal formation and dissolution have been covered in other documents by same author. Please refer to documents: The Way of Healing Crisis; Healing Crisis, Balance, and Regeneration; Healing Timeline; How do restrictions, blockages, hardenings, crystallizations, and calcifications form in the physical body and how can we remove and prevent them?.

4. Please review the Healing and Disease Process Continuum at this time and carefully note the stages of: health with good circulation and nerve supply; toxin accumulation; acute inflammation/fever/toxin elimination; numbness; hardness; infection/fungation; cancer; surgery; and necrosis/gangrene/death.

5. It is the suppression (for example, with anti-inflammatories, cortisone, and painkillers) of acute inflammatory processes (words with acute itis's in them - see article Regenerating Tissue: Inflammation and Enzymes by same author) and eliminations which prevents tissue healing and results in toxin accumulation. This degenerates further into latent symptoms (numbness), and eventually hardening. This hardening is the restrictions, blockages, hardenings, crystallizations, and calcifications referred to above. It includes: the chronic knots massage therapists try to dissolve, the restricted tissue around a fixated joint that chiropractors and osteopaths try to manipulate; the €˜ligatights' that the naprapaths used to try to loosen; the myofascial restrictions that soft tissue therapists try to repattern; the deep knots, and tangles that Qi Nei Zang (Taoist Abdominal Massage) and Karsai Nei Zang (Taoist Massage of Pelvic Floor and attached areas) practitioners try to remove; bunions; dowager's humps; heel spurs and other exostoses (bone spurs); joint crystallizations as in some forms of arthritis; the hardening in the lens of the eye which causes some eye problems; and various other lumps and bumps, including skin blemishes and keloid scar tissue. It has many different names medically: sclerosis, ossification of soft tissues, fibrosis, etc. Manual therapists experienced in certain types of tissue palpation can detect hardening very easily. Basically, if you can't put your big toe in your mouth like you could when you were a baby, then certain tissue in your body has hardened to a certain degree.

6. It is necessary to understand this hardening in connection with the person's overall medical history/Healing Timeline(see article by same author). As the person regresses backwards in time through a series of healing crises, suppressed eliminations will return.

7. These eliminations include: skin rashes, runny noses, sweats, fevers, colds, flu's, coughing up mucous, diarrhoea, vomiting, vaginal and penile discharge, herpes sores, acne, cold sores, etc.

8. Suppression of any eliminations leads to disease processes, predisposing to hardening.

9. Any substances which block skin function (see 18 points on Natural Skin Health and Transdermal Toxicity by same author) or are toxic to body and skin cells, including all petrochemical-derivatives, predispose to hardening in the body tissues. This includes drugs used to suppress skin rashes. Please understand clearly that the skin is absorbent tissue, and a fair portion of whatever you place on your skin enters your bloodstream. Whatever your body can't use and can't eliminate it must store.

10. According to John Ray quoting Walter Last, vegetable enzymes in combination with minerals form an alkaline detoxifying agent which break down and grab onto toxins in the body, and allow them to be eliminated through the normal bodily routes.

11. Here follows two case histories to clarify the above.

12. A client in her 30s had a very large football-like convex postural distortion in her right lower back. Her left lower back had a concave depression to balance it. This was a huge distortion, and very unmistakable. Associated with it was a severe spinal distortion, a scoliosis of sorts, but of a degree and exact shape very seldom seen clinically. She adopted a disciplined health routine at a health retreat. Based on her scerology (white part of the eye) indicators and some reflex palpation, I held a point in her left buttock with my R elbow for about four and a half hours. She had memories, numbness, unconsciousness, and burning pain. She ran out of nutrients and we discontinued the session knowing that her process from this session of sustained acupressure was incomplete but that time and nutrition were required in order for her body to be able to complete it. She had a lot of residual numbness in her left buttock cheek where I had been holding. I explained that this was long-suppressed numbness which had been trapped in her body for many years, which the sustained acupressure process had allowed her to reawaken enough that she could feel how numb she really was. In other words, it was progress for her to go from being numb deep inside this tissue without even being aware of it, to feeling numbness in this tissue. She accepted this as I had already taught her the healing crisis concept and the healing and disease process continuum. Also, the football in her right lower back was only two thirds of its original size. This was noted and confirmed with shocked amazement by a Rolfing therapist who had seen the woman's body during the previous week, and saw it again after her session of sustained acupressure. I was going away very soon to teach a course for about 8 weeks. Just before I left, she approached me and said that she had a vaginal discharge and asked me what she should do. I reminded her to support the body in its eliminative processes, because the body knows what it wants to get rid of and why, even if we don't understand yet. I asked her if she had ever had these symptoms before. She said she had had them many times in her life. I asked her how she had treated them in the past. She said she used a drug called Nystatin which was very effective at removing all the symptoms she had. I explained that the previously suppressed eliminations were returning and that this was part of a very deep healing process for her. I indicated she should continue the healing program she was following and what had brought the healing crisis on would also bring her through it. Shortly after my return 8 weeks later, she rang me and told me her vaginal discharge had just stopped and that she had done nothing to suppress it. I told her that was excellent. She told me that she now had a fever, she could feel her bum again, and her back hurt now, where before it was painless. I told her that was excellent healing crisis and that it was very important not to eat during a fever, but to rest and take enough cool water until hunger returned. She asked if I could come and check on her. I agreed and drove to check on her after work, as it was necessary for her to rest on all levels to allow the deep healing process of fever to act on her body. I tested her with Dr John Ray's forehead test and a gross strength muscle test. I also looked into her eyes and ensured that all of the iris fibres had moved anterior to indicate a full-blown healing crisis. I told her I thought she was fine and that she was undergoing a deep healing process. She said her back ached and I congratulated her on having woken up the deeply suppressed pain that she had stored in her back. I reminded her of the healing and disease process continuum and the relative placements of hardness, numbness, acute inflammation/fever, toxin accumulation, and health with good nerve supply and good circulation. I asked her to stand up so I could have a close direct inspection of her spine. I noted with surprised satisfaction that the football-like bulge in her right lower back had entirely disappeared without a trace, and the balancing concavity in her left lower back had also! She had a perfectly symmetrical spine without any obvious patterns of distortion! This was completely amazing, and we were both very happy. She pointed out that her back hurts now, and I told her that it would go away again and not to worry, but to work with her memories of when she had felt that way before. I reminded her of the principles of good fever management again, and bid her goodnight. Eventually the fever and back pain disappeared once and for all, never to return. She had completely regenerated her back, and completely removed a chronic spinal distortion which some people would never believe could change. In the process of the above she remembered an emotional time hating working in a factory in post world war II Germany. She had to sit on a chair and operate a foot pedal on a machine with her right foot over and over again, all day. It caused her pain, but she had to keep working to survive. Those were hard times.

13. So this lady achieved an undeniable degree of regeneration scarcely witnessed or heard of by many people. She did the following to achieve this: care about herself and want to heal; ingest intensive nutrition; detoxify; face deeply suppressed pain, emotion, and memory; eliminate toxins and undigested food materials (ama €“ see article by same author on crystallizations mentioned above) from the past that were stored between plains and strands of fascia that had lost their mobility and changed their structure to accommodate the presence of this material. This elimination happened by means of her vaginal discharge for 8 weeks.

14. If she had suppressed this discharge (e.g. used a drug or synthetic vitamin C which acts like a suppressive drug on the body) as she had in the past, she would still have her old chronic pattern of spinal distortion. It was vitally important for her miracle to happen that this old undigested food material and toxins could be eliminated in her vaginal discharge for 8 weeks. This is how long it took her body to remove this material from its tissues.

15. Basically, suppression of discharges creates lumps and bumps and hardenings and restrictions in the tissues of the body. The loving re-expression of these discharges removes these hardenings from the body tissues. So, if your body wants to eliminate poisons or undigested material which is clogging it up, let it, and perhaps even help it!

16. Suppressed nose runs produce cranial and cervical (head and neck) hardenings, among others.

17. Suppressed chest eliminations and breathing produce chest and upper back hardenings, and rib restrictions, among others. This can be caused by inhaled toxins like cigarettes, marijuana smoke, or others.

18. Suppressed vomiting produces mid-back, lower rib, and upper abdominal hardening, among others.

19. Suppressed eliminations through the anus and sexual organs produce abdominal, pelvic, pelvic floor and lower back hardenings, among others.

20. Suppressed eliminations through the skin, or toxins placed onto the skin which block and suppress skin function produce hardenings in the underlying tissue, among others.

21. As a massage therapist I noticed a lot of chronic intercostal (between the ribs) and upper back tension and knotting in a client that did not disappear after many weeks of treatment until this client experienced a very heavy cold with a lot of mucous discharge. After this these knotted areas of tension had entirely disappeared and the tissue felt as thought they were never there. Once again, if this client had suppressed this mucous discharge with a drug or with synthetic vitamin C, then these knotted areas would still be there.

22. Enzyme and mineral supplementation often results in the re-awakening of old discharges from the body, by helping the body to break down and eliminate the old undigested food materials, inhaled toxins, and skin-contact toxins, which are congesting the tissues of the body. It is therefore important to resolve long-standing enzyme and mineral deficiencies in the body to resolve chronic patterns of postural distortion, movement restriction, myofascial imbalance, numb and paralysed areas, and hardening in the tissues of the body.

23. Often two approaches which overlap each other are needed or desirable. One of these is to ensure that all food eaten is digested thoroughly. The second is to speed up the process of digesting out from the tissue the many years of accumulated undigested material from the past. This is the reason these two approaches are part of an Intensive Nutrition program.

24. Sustained acupressure on the pancreas reflexes on the feet often results in a lot of mucous elimination from the body because the pancreas function has been restored and it produces more enzymes which digest out the old undigested material (called ama in Ayurvedic medicine) from in amongst the body tissues.

25. It should be understood that numb or paralysed areas will not regenerate if undigested food material is still congesting them. This can be observed as mucoprotein, trabeculae, tophi, and lymphatic congestion indications in the iris of the eye.

26. Sustained acupressure or other bodywork, on any area of hardening, especially in combination with Intensive Nutrition and consciousness work, can result in the return of previously suppressed bodily eliminations of mucous or other material.

27. Also common among these are suppurating skin rashes, diarrhoeas, and faecal eliminations of a range of material including: black plastic-like material; faecoliths (hardened impacted material previously contained in outpouchings in the colon wall (diverticuli)); liver-like material; small-pieces-of-corn-like material; small whitish fluffy material; live and dead parasites/worms; and a variety of other rarities.

28. I have written this article in the hope that the good work done by Intensive Nutrition, appropriately performed bodywork, and the body's own healing efforts are not prevented from helping people because of unknowing suppression. I also want people to understand clearly the importance of digesting their food well, eliminating cellular waste well, and resolving chronic long-standing enzyme and mineral deficiencies. Chronic postural distortions, movement restrictions, myofascial restrictions, and numb and paralysed body areas, can be intimately associated with, if not caused by, the presence in the body tissues of undigested food material, transdermal toxins, inhaled toxins, and cellular wastes.

29. Please consider this information carefully, and with an increased knowledge of the potential long-term consequences of your actions, take responsibility for your own health decisions.

30. Some acute symptoms require intervention to save a person's life. Not ALL fevers are curative. There are many gravestones which testify to this fact. There is a time and a place for everything, including drugs, surgery, and other aspects of modern medicine. I remain grateful for these. Please do not risk a person's life by being fanatical.