Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

Please note that the following article is a work in progress! It represents a collage of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and influences to encourage each individual to contemplate the process of crystal formation and dissolution, and will likely be subject to change....eventually!

1. The stages of disease process in tissue can be viewed in terms of the classic five elements of Vedic Science: Ether, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. These are listed in gradiently increasing density. Ether corresponds to electrical imbalance, interference with nerve supply, leading to excessive or deficient nerve force. Fire corresponds to thermal imbalance, too hot or too cold. Air corresponds to gaseous imbalance, lowered oxygen perfusion in the tissue, and accumulated "winds" and "trapped gases". Water corresponds to "impure fluids", oedema. Earth corresponds to stones, calcifications, crystallizations.

2. The denser the stage of disease process, the slower to respond to therapy. Dense crystallizations are therefore normally the slowest, and represent the most stubborn chronic tendencies, which are often thought of as unchangeable. But they can change. Remember, the rocks at the beach are melted slowly and persistently by the waves.

3. The process of crystal formation can be seen from several different viewpoints: physical, emotional, and mental. Let's consider these in order.

4. The most basic explanation is that very watery fluids gradually dry out (dehydrate), and get thicker and thicker until they crystallize. Blood clots formed from tissue trauma can calcify if they are not digested out of the tissue by proteolytic enzymes and drained away (see "Regenerating Tissue: Inflammation and Enzymes" by same author). This drying out can be produced by overall insufficient water consumption, chronic dehydration (see Batmanghelidj's book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water"), or excess tissue stress from injury, load, lack of movement, or physical trauma. Physical and emotional stresses including smoking, consuming dead foods, drinking of alcohol and caffeine, being exposed to high temperatures (e.g. sun-baking and sunburn), trauma and pathological disease can also be causes.

5. Any tissue which has poor interchange of blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) (Erlingheuser, R.F., "The Circulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid Through the Connective Tissue System," in the Academy of Applied Osteopathy Yearbook, 1959) can ultimately dehydrate and become like a slow-moving creek, with lots of scum around the edges. The scum blocks fluid interchange more and more, and dries out more and more, leading to crystallization.

6. Any interference of the nerve supply to an area of the body will also compromise this fluid interchange. Nerve supply affects the supply of fresh arterial blood to an area, and the drainage of venous blood and lymph from an area.

7. My Nature Cure teacher, and the great grandfather of Nature Cure in Australia, was Kenneth S. Jaffrey. He invented a device called the "Neurometer". This was zeroed by measuring the palm of the person's hand, and it could then be used to measure the nerve force flowing between any section of the spine and the tissue it supplies. This would be excessive if the area was inflamed, or deficient if the area was chronic. Jaffrey's Neurometer is, as I understand it, a bulk flow meter for receiving a wide bandwidth of radio waves emanating from the spinal nerves. It could measure the energy emanating from your palm from almost a foot away, it was so sensitive.

8. Partially undigested food material which is too large to be used as fuel or food by the cells accumulates in the interstitial spaces, bonds to other undigested food particles, and blocks the entry portals to the lymphatic vessels. This undigested food was called "ama" in Ayurvedic medicine, many millennia ago, and was considered to be the basic cause of all disease. These undigested food particles interfere with fluid interchange.

9. A small "seed" crystal can be placed into a supersaturated solution in order to encourage further crystal formation, starting the crystallisation process and gradually increasing the size of the original crystal. It is possible that these undigested food materials, and/or any of the 'precipitates' mentioned below, could serve in the same capacity as seed crystals, initiating the crystallization process in different parts of the body where they settle out. The pattern of their settling is determined by gravity, as mentioned below, and their exact sights of deposition may be a function of the nerve electrical potential. In other words, the crystals may then form in the foot reflex points of body areas with lowered nerve energy.

10. During healing crises old skin creams (e.g. calomine lotion, petrochemical-containing cosmetics), smoking substances (cigarettes and marijuana), drugs and other substances, which were used many years before, can be smelled and chemically tested as being present in the bodily excretions of a person. Where are these substances stored during all the years between their original usage and their excretion from the body? The possibilities are inside the cells, and/or in the spaces between the cells. Perhaps these suppressive, toxic, stored substances could also act as "seed" crystals in the body. Perhaps they are stored between plains and strands of fascia and tissue which no longer glide next to eachother as they used to (see below). Please consider.

11. I also suspect heavy metals as being potential "seed" initiators of crystal formation. Consider how much metal some people have slowly dissolving in their mouths from dental materials.

12. Excess protein ingestion can lead to heightened amounts of uric acids in the body. The major metabolism of uric acids occurs in the liver during sleep. Insufficient sleep, and interference with the natural rhythm of day and night, waking and sleeping, can result in this process becoming inefficient.

13. An understanding of precipitation is important here. Precipitation occurs in certain chemical solutions when materials settle out of the solution and fall to the bottom of the beaker (glass) under the influence of gravity, as solids. According to Dr Haig in his classic book "Uric Acid", this same process can occur in the human body, leading to a deposition of uric acid crystals, byproducts of protein metabolism. If this can occur with uric acid, it can also likely occur with a host of other metabolic acid wastes, including lactic acid (a byproduct of muscle metabolism like the habitual holding-pattern muscular contractures written of below). These can form lactate and urate crystals in the tissues of the body, and will tend to settle out to the "bottom of the beaker", the pelvic floor and genitourinary organs, and the feet. These are then the famous crystal deposits written of by Eunice D. Ingham, founder of Reflexology, the "sediment of the veins" or "karsai" spoken of in traditional Thai Chinese Karsai Nei Tsang (massage of the pelvic floor and attached areas), and are the same material that the great Vincent Priessnitz, founder of hydrotherapy in Europe, sought to disperse using Foot Baths, Exercise, Wet Sheet Packs,. and Sitting or Sitz baths (to increase fluid movement around the pelvic floor).

14. Hatha Yoga practices have been used for thousands of years to stir up the "bottom of the beaker" and agitate the solid precipitates back into the blood, and to mobilize these previously stagnant blood and body fluids back around the body. These include inverted yoga postures, pelvic floor exercises like Mula Bandha, and exercises which create pressure/suction changes in the pelvic and abdominal cavities like Uddiyana Bandha, and Agnisara.

15. Chronic holding patterns of muscle tension in the tissues of the body adversely effect fluid interchange, predisposing to and eventually causing crystal formation.

16. Habituated postural and movement patterns associated with these holding patterns result in certain plains and strands of fascia which are no longer made to move relative to eachother. They gradually adhere, and the fluids which normally could move between them become stagnant, and gradually dehydrate, eventually crystallizing. So lack of exercise, or habituated exercise which neglects certain body joints/motions results ultimately in crystallization.

17. Here is some background information to help you understand "Ground Substance". The four tissue types of your body develop from three primary germ layers: Ectoderm, Mesoderm, and Endoderm. These four tissue types are: Nerve (from Ectoderm), Muscle (mostly from Mesoderm), Epithelium (from all three), and Connective Tissue (all from Mesoderm). Connective Tissue (CT) has five main functions: Structural (absorb shock and transmit mechanical force); Gliding/Lubricating; Protective Physical Barrier; Protective Cellular Elements; and Nutritional/Energy Storage. It exists throughout the body in three forms: Special-Propertied (blood, lymph, mucous, adipose, elastic), Structural (bone, cartilage), and Proper. CT Proper can be categorised into both Regular (tendon, ligament) and Irregular (Deep and Superficial Fascia), and Loose and Dense forms. The Fascia is composed of several different Cells, and its Extracellular Matrix. The Extracellular Matrix is composed of Protein Fibres, Ground Substance, and Fluid. The Ground Substance is what fills the space outside of the Cells and Protein Fibres. Its consistency (fluid, semi-fluid, gelatinous, or calcified) and chemical composition varies in different areas of the body, and it might best be called the 'Ground Substances' (plural). Its basic make-up consists of about 70% fluid, and several types of large molecules, many of which are complex combinations of proteins and polysaccharides (hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, dermatan sulfate, keratan sulfate). These are referred to collectively as Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Excepting hyaluronic acid, GAGs are associated with proteins called Proteoglycans (PGs). PGs form a core protein, and GAGs project from this like the bristles of a brush. GAGs trap water, making the Ground Substance more jellylike, and modify their shape when dehydrated, compromising the 'Critical Interfibre Distance' and reducing transit routes in the extracellular matrix. It is into this Ground Substance that the capillaries feed and draw the nutrients and waste. It is from this Ground Substance that the lymphatics also draw fluids and waste. It is into this Ground Substance that the hollow collagen fibrils feed CSF. This Fascial Extracellular Matrix is the medium through which cells are able to communicate with each other. Understand clearly that the immediate environment of every cell in the body is composed of these fluid Ground Substances. They directly influence the passage of gases, nutrients, wastes, hormones, antibodies, neuropeptides, and white blood cells between the capillaries and collagen fibrils, and the tissues they irrigate. The capacity for fascia to transform between a glued state and a more fluid state is called 'Thixotropy'. Being a liquid crystal, or gel, the ground substance is similar to maple syrup or egg white in consistency. Its structure solidifies as it dehydrates, making the tissue stiffer and more resistant, and predisposing to a 'gluing' of the collagen bundles. Chemically this begins as multiple localised hydrostatic bonds. Later this can transform into a covalent bond, and still later it can crystallise or calcify completely, becoming chronic. At this stage ossification ensues with the laying down of hydroxyapatite crystals. These glued and crystallized areas are blockages to nerve supply, and energy, blood, lymph, and CSF flow.

18. According to Russell Sturgess in his "Fascial Kinetics - Student Manual": "The consistency of the ground substance is similar to maple syrup, being a liquid crystal. And like any fluid state crystals, when more dehydrated, have a solid crystal structure, causing a stiffer and more resistant nature to the tissue. Besides the gluing of the tissue due to the collagen bundles compressing together, the immune function, neuro-transmitters and nutritional and waste transit routes all become compromised. This may help to explain some of the common symptoms of diseases like Ross River Fever, EB Virus, CFS, and arthritis to name a few."

19. These "holding patterns" are physical patterns of stress/distortion/altered nerve flow/altered fluid interchange which are partly founded in mental and emotional resistances/reactive patterns of craving and aversion. They reflect memories, sensory memory, word patterns, emotions, belief systems, and attitudes.

20. Imagine your knee is hurting, throbbing. Almost subconsciously, out of aversion to the pain, you begin twisting your pelvis, and tightening certain muscle groups which dampens the blood flow to the area, decreasing the throbbing pain. At the same time you may hold your breath, and tighten your breathing muscles. Certain nutrient deficiencies may make it impossible for your body to repair the damaged tissue properly, predisposing to scar tissue formation. These collective influences gradually form a holding pattern, founded in mental and emotional resistance to the pain, in combination with poor fluid interchange, nutrient deficiency, lowered oxygen potential in the tissue, and reactive muscle tension. This holding pattern can become part of a complex of derived unnatural movement patterns which are also pain-avoidant. In other words, if walking the way you used to walk before injury hurts, then you will probably modify your gait to avoid the pain. The problem is that this "sets" as habituated movement and postural patterns in your body, and creates crystallizations, as certain plains and strands of fascia no longer glide next to each other but stay fixed.

21. All sensory information transmitted along efferent nerve fibres from the sense organs to the brain are electrical. This includes the Current Of Injury (COI) written about by Robert Becker in his book, "The Body Electric". According to Becker, the purpose of the COI is to instruct the brain that that area of tissue is in need of repair, to which the brain will respond by initiating tissue repair/regeneration and increasing nerve force and fluid interchange. Any interference with the COI leads to improper healing of the tissue in question, with subsequent crystallization and excess scar tissue formation.

22. The COI can be interfered with by the usage of drugs to modify the perception of pain and acute inflammation. This creates a condition of suppressed sensory information. Anaesthetics, cortisone, NSAIDS, aspirin, paracetamol, pain-killers, and even numbing herbal remedies are in this category. Please remember there is a time and place for everything, however.

23. The suppression of COIs, acute disease, inflammation, healing fevers and the electrical energies which characterize them, leads to the generation of chronic disease from a naturopathic point of view. The healing crisis concept and the healing and disease process continuum must be grasped to understand this. There are alternative ways of managing acute disease with judiciously applied hydrotherapy, fasting, and enzyme therapy. The basic principle here is to work with the body and what it wants to do, and to accelerate its process, rather than suppressing it. Please refer to the CD on these topics. There is a time and place for everything.

24. All motor and other information transmitted from the brain along efferent nerve fibres to the muscles, organs, glands and other tissue is electrical.

25. All thoughts and emotions exist as electric energies.

26. The following is quoted from "The GSR Meter Course" by Peter Shepherd (

"The Tarchanoff Response is a change in DC potential across neurons of the autonomic nervous system connected to the sensori-motor strip of the cortex. This change was found to be related to the level of cortical arousal. The emotional charge on a word, heard by a subject, would have an immediate effect on the subject's level of arousal, and cause this physiological response. Because the hands have a particularly large representation of nerve endings on the sensori-motor strip of the cortex, hand-held electrodes are ideal. As arousal increases, the "fight or flight" stress response of the autonomic nervous system comes into action, and adrenaline causes increased sweating amongst many other phenomena, but the speed of sweating response is nowhere near as instantaneous or accurate as the Tarchanoff response.

By virtue of the Galvanic Skin Response, autonomic nervous system activity causes a change in the skin's conductivity. The overall degree of arousal of the hemispheres, and indeed the whole brain, is shown by the readings of the GSR Meter, which does not differentiate between the hemispheres, or between cortical and primitive brain responses. Higher arousal (such as occurs with increased involvement) will almost instantaneously (0.1 - 0.5 sec) cause a fall in skin resistance; reduced arousal (such as occurs with withdrawal) will cause a rise in skin resistance€¦

Thus a rise or fall relates directly to reactive arousal, due to re-stimulation of repressed mental conflict. Initially this may cause a rise in resistance as this emerging, previously repressed, material is fought against. When the conflict is resolved, by the viewing of objective reality - the truth of exact time, place, form and event - there is catharsis and the emotional charge dissipates; the release of energy giving a fall in resistance€¦

Volney Mathison was a pioneer in the discovery that all fears, feelings and resentments - all thought and emotion - were electrical in their nature. He found through experiments with lie-detectors during the 1940s that when a person was reminded of certain past events, or when a change of mood was induced in him, the needle in the meter would jump erratically; the degree of jump was in proportion to the strength of unconscious reaction. In skilled hands the meter could be used to locate a particular mental content, the nature of that content, the location of that content in space and time, and the amount of force contained within it.

It should be pointed out that the reason the meter reads has nothing to do with hands sweating and un-sweating as some people have suggested. For this to be true the client's hands would have to sweat and un-sweat very fast to give you the kind of variation in readings common in the average session€¦

A stimulus, such as an image or perception, may cause an increase of brain arousal if the stimulus is interpreted as frightening or interesting (incitement to act), or a decrease of brain arousal if the stimulus is interpreted as reassuring or of no interest. This stress or relaxation response is transmitted throughout the autonomic nervous system, and because the nervous system is electrical, the emotional response is measurable as a change in skin resistance. €¦The best point at which to measure skin resistance is the thumb and forefinger because this part of the body is most heavily represented neurologically in the evolutionarily advanced thought centers of the brain used to manipulate objects, and therefore closely in touch with will, left brain focused action and right brain contextual holding€¦

The skin is just the surface contact with electrodes; in fact it is the entire body resistance that is being measured, and this is affected by nervous system responses as a whole - it isn't just a response of increased conductivity caused by increased sweat emission. In addition the nervous system is an electrical system affected by the more subtle energies of the body's chakra system as well as thought energies and communication flows and blockages. The mind and the spiritual consciousness (to a greater or lesser extent) directing it is not merely contained in the physical brain; rather the nervous system is a conduit between the etheric or metaphysical and the glandular and muscular actions of the body. The body, too, has its own dynamics, genetically based and centered on survival, and this body-mind interacts with the etheric; indeed in many persons it is dominant."

27. So we see that our own mental and emotional resistances/reactive patterns/cravings/aversions modify the electrical conductivity/resistance of the entire body.

28. Electrical, electromagnetic, and magnetic medical treatment devices can impose a different set of energies onto the human body which are not the same as its own energies. These can force the body to suppress certain energies, or block pain receptors and other nervous structures. In short, they can be highly suppressive.

29. Certain hypnosis and mind-control techniques can be used to block the sensory perception of the person's brain to their body. These can be highly suppressive, and can further distract a person from being able to objectively view the truth of an actual experience. Mental short-circuitry where a person convinces themself, or is aided by a therapist/hypnotist in convincing themselves, that the past happened differently than it really did is actually a technically advanced form of truth-denial. Turning the pain down until you can't feel it, or blowing it away in a pink bubble, etc., are in this category. This is suppressing the pain without dealing with the cause or the truth of it. Transferring a person's addiction for chocolate over to carrots doesn't resolve the basis of their tendency to addiction. Please remember that there is a time and place for everything.

30. Therapies which involve extremes of pressure, temperature, etc. can overwhelm the adaptive capacity of the physical organism, resulting in numbness, suppression, and damage. These therapies then become traumas.

31. Firewalks are in this category, and are another form of truth-denial. If anyone wishes to argue with this, they need to realize that they may have not learned how to love the sensation of being burned alive. They have learned how to suppress the sensation of burning, and internally suppress this heat deep into the core of their body through thermal conduction. This results in an instant overwhelmed shock-like condition which the person does not even realise, and an enormous suppression of thermal-electrical energy. Firewalks are highly suppressive to the link between the sensory nerves of the feet and the brain, and thereby dampen all of these vital reflexes as are used in foot reflexology and other therapies. If this is still not understood, perhaps firewalking advocates would like to hold a candle flame underneath their tongue as they stick it out! The tongue is very close to the brain, and occupies a large portion of the homunculus area in the somato-sensory cortex of the brain. This will be a lot harder to suppress than the feet which are so far from the brain.

32. Thermal changes affect crystal formations and cause them to emit a current. Henry Lindlahr indicated that this was similar to the way an Oxydonor works, with the temperature differences in a piece of metal causing an electric current.

33. The photovoltaic effect (used in solar panels) is also worth considering in connection with the action of light on the human body, and the crystal structures within it.

34. Thermal, radiant, and inductive energy effects which seem to overwhelm the body and could predispose to crystal formation through cryo-piezoelectric, thermo-piezoelectric, and other-named effects include sunburn, frostbite, mobile phone exposure, sleeping with head near the back of a television set, electrical induction from mains power supply, video display unit exposure from a cathode ray tube, electric shocks, and theoretically even GSR meter DC voltages!

35. A deeper understanding of the way the human body interacts with external energies is available in several books. These include "The Electromagnetic Man" by Cyril Smith, and "Hidden Healing Powers of the Electromagnetic Spectrum" by Ernst Zeydel. Harald Tietze also has an excellent small book on measuring and excluding electrically induced body voltages from your sleeping and main living and working areas.

36. As the physical crystal gradually forms, it potentially stores informational patterns of all of the above, which grow into its structure. This includes: all resisted informational energy which would otherwise flow back to the brain from the body tissues; all reactive informational energy flowing from the brain out to the tissues resulting in unnecessary reactive tensions; all informational energy which the brain craves to receive from the tissues; and all inhibited informational energy which the brain craves to transmit to the tissues.

37. The physical crystal is representative of all of the above patterns of electrical information which are chemically (drug), thermally, emotionally and/or mentally resisted/suppressed (craving/aversion).

38. According to Dr John Ray, founder of Body Electronics: "It must be understood that anything resisted forms a suppressed composite energy pattern which causes a distortion in the morphogenetic field resulting in a corresponding eventual crystallization in body tissues which have a similar resonant frequency to the suppressed hologram. The composite wave of energy from the suppressed thought, feeling and spoken word is eventually encoded in the crystal which then becomes the outer manifestation of the inner consciousness. 'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.'"


39. So once we've made them, how do we get rid of them? Once again, this can be seen from several different viewpoints: physical, emotional, and mental. Let's consider these in order.

40. Remember to breathe.

41. Consider the use of the Elanra Therapeutic Ioniser, invented by Joshua Shaw and marketed by Bionic Products (Ph: 07 5593 1122). This makes small, biologically absorbable negative air ions of oxygen in therapeutic doses, aiding blood oxygenation and lung elimination.
42. Drink enough water.

43. Consider filtering water, if necessary.

44. Consider the work of Johann Grander, creator of the Grander water units.   These have been reported to have a favourable influence on water by lowering its surface tension, and increasing its dissolved oxygen. The ability of water to dissolve crystals may be enhanced as it's surface tension decreases.

 (Grander Water (Ph: 07 5568 7522), Burleigh, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia)

45. Minimise tea, coffee, and alcohol consumption, and adjust water intake to compensate for these.

46. Remember to breathe and open up the breathing mechanism in all 3 dimensions.

47. Exercise your joints, muscles, and spine.

48. Exercise and breathing create pressure changes which increase fluid interchange.

49. Exercise the feet, legs, buttocks and pelvic floor often to encourage fluid interchange, and oppose precipitation.

50. Sweat enough often enough.

51. Sleep enough at the right times. Adequate sleep means the liver can metabolise uric acids properly during sleep. A natural cycle of waking and sleeping in harmony with the rhythm of day and night is important.

52. Let sunlight touch the natural oils on your skin, and bathe in cold water often.

53. Previously mentioned yoga practices are also helpful. These include: headstand, shoulderstand, locust, mula bandha, uddiyana bandha, agnisara. These will stir up the "bottom of the beaker" and shake up the precipitates.

54. Eat enough green vegetables and/or green barley grass powder. Green leaves contain chlorophyll, a naturally chelated form of magnesium, which regulates calcium metabolism in the body.

55. Take enzymes and probiotics to ensure all food is thoroughly digested to avoid the formation of "ama", or undigested food particles which can block the interstitial spaces (between the cells) and the entry portals to the very small lymphatic vessels. Additional enzymes can be used between meals to help digest out the old undigested food particles from many previous years of poor digestion.

56. Eat and drink raw and lacto-fermented foods and drinks often and let the friendly bacteria make enzymes for you.

57. Uric acid is eliminated from the body in sweat and urine. Exercise and certain hydrotherapy techniques can be used to encourage these, and to stimulate fluid interchange. Dry skin brushing can be used to remove these crystals from the skin surface. Refer to "Body Hydropathy" by this author for more information.

58. Ensure you digest all the food (including protein) you eat.

59. Practise Intensive Nutrition so you have the needed building blocks to repair and regrow tissue, and to bind and remove toxins from the body.

60. Silica - calcium distribution

61. Horsechestnut

62. Avoid toxic cosmetics and other skin-contact or other toxins.

63. Avoid numbing and toxic agents, firewalks, marijuana, unnecessary drugs, or any previously listed influences which predispose to crystallization. (Avoid unhealthy energies.)

64. Accelerate acute inflamed conditions/processes so they resolve more quickly rather than suppressing them. (see "Regenerating Tissue: Inflammation and Enzymes" by same author)

65. Learn systematic relaxation, meditation, and breathing.

66. Learn to smilingly accept whatever experience life gives you with gratitude, awareness, and equanimity. This includes pain. Learn to accept, and relax into pain. Stop turning a physical pain into an emotional and mental one.
67. Gradually overcome your mind's tendencies to craving and aversion, and become more aware.

68. Reclaim your disowned/resisted sub-personalities/energy patterns. Embrace your vulnerability, and see what you have done to compulsively protect it.

69. Embrace "legitimate suffering" willingly and lovingly. Carl Jung pointed out that many psychological conditions result from trying to avoid "legitimate suffering".

70. As John Ray said: "Lovingly and willingly endure the pain of life. Lovingly and willingly endure all things."

71. Practise gratitude for every experience of life.

72. Love yourself. Smile into the mirror and look yourself in the eye. Smile inside your heart when you wake in the morning, so it opens, before you open your eyes. Smile in your belly all the time.

73. Make up your "list" and work on it.(see article by same author)

74. Massage, Reflexology, Karsai Nei Tsang, S.A.I.N.T., Bowen Therapy, and manual therapies of different kinds can manually begin dissolving crystallization.

75. "Applying pressure to any crystalline lattice increases its electrical potential, attracting water molecules, thus re-hydrating the area. This is the piezoelectric effect of manual connective tissue therapy" (Michael J. Shea, Ph.D., Myofascial Release, 1995, pp.34-35.) Shea goes on to explain that correct vectors (a vector is a factor of force and angle) must be applied to effectively compress the crystal, in order to create the piezoelectric effect.

76. According to Russell Sturgess in his "Fascial Kinetics - Student Manual": "As the tissue begins to re-hydrate the thixotropic state of the ground substance normalizes and both the 'critical inter-fibre distance' is restored and the cellular transit routes are re-established. Changes in hydration are evidenced in the sort of reaction clients experience after or during their treatments. Thirst, frequent urination, perspiration, flooding menses and diarrhoea are typical". These are typical healing crisis reactions.

77. According to Dr John Ray, sustained acupressure "can best be explained initially by a physical demonstration in the physics laboratory. When a crystal is compressed it emits an energy and/or electric current which can be measured by sensitive instrumentation. This energy or electrical current is known as the piezoelectric effect. In the human body there are formations of crystals in various acupressure points or reflex points or along the spine and elsewhere in the physical body. These crystals or calcifications are found within joints or in injury throughout the body and in the cranial sutures. As each crystal is compressed using specific Body Electronics technology, the crystal slowly dissolves and releases an energy which can be experienced by the pointholder as well as the pointholdee€¦It is important to understand that as the crystal or calcification dissolves under the influence of the sustained acupressure, the encoded sensory experience, verbal expression, and emotionality that has been suppressed subtly or dramatically during trauma and which has been encoded or recorded in the crystal or calcification will arise to the consciousness of the individual to be mentally reexperienced. The sustained acupressure is non-traumatic, non-invasive and when applied appropriately, releases a hologram of sensory experience, verbal expressions, and gradient emotionality."

78. The application of S.A.I.N.T. can be used to access these suppressed energy patterns and release them with awareness, equanimity, love, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude, all of an unconditional nature. Please refer to the document entitled: "S.A.I.N.T.: Introduction to Sustained Acupressure".

79. The compression of the crystallized area also reawakens the original COI and any other suppressed information that is stored in the crystal. This liberates the same neural electrical patterns that the person suppressed experiencing the first time. These electrical messages once again find their way to the brain. This results in the person re-experiencing the suppressed memory, and this is what their nervous system believes at that time. This allows the brain to reactivate the healing process in that part of the body, and other parts that are reflexologically and neurologically related.

80. The judicious use of ice has been demonstrated to function as well as and sometimes more effectively than physical compression. Ice massage has also been demonstrated to effectively release the suppressed energy from the crystallizations, and is incorporated in "Body Hydropathy" for this purpose. Wet Sheet Packs, Spinal Ice Technique, Abdominal Ice Compress, and Full Body Compression have also been demonstrated to be effective in this area. Dr Peter Hinde has been engaging in clinical research in this area and has some interesting case histories.(

81. The person will no longer feel that they are in the room. They will, for example, be in the car having an accident again RIGHT NOW, or whatever other trauma they have suppressed. Gentle, loving, and uninvasive facilitation may be needed at such a time.

82. Other techniques which can be considered function on the same principle an opera singer uses to shatter a wine glass. The crystallization will have a resonant frequency, or set of frequencies. Any energetic influence which has the same resonant frequency can be used to set the crystallization into oscillation, and cause it to begin liberating its suppressed energy. This can be achieved with homeopathy, various vibrational and frequency devices, sound, light, and virtually any other type of energy of the same resonant frequency as the crystal.

83. This is different from a balancing approach where the wave forms from an active set of symptoms are inverted and fed back into the tissue to suppress symptomology/"balance the energies". There is a time for everything.

84. More advanced techniques mentioned in: "S.A.I.N.T.: An Acknowledgment of Its Origins and a Statement of Intent", such as Body Hydropathy, and certain ancient oriental techniques can gradually be investigated as an individual progresses.

85. These Body Hydropathy techniques include Spinal Ice Technique, Abdominal Ice Compress, Wet Sheet Pack, and Full Body Compression. These ancient oriental techniques include meditation (including Vipassana), Qi Gong, and others.

Tortora and Grabowski, "Principles of Anatomy & Physiology"
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And many others for many years.