Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT


1. Simple organisms, from an evolutionary perspective, have no need of circulating blood, cerebrospinal fluid supply, lymph drainage, or a spinal column. They have existed in the ocean for millennia, and the ocean moves the fluids around them. They also have no need of a nerve supply, and no discernible physical brain, other than within each cell, functionally speaking.


2. Larger and more complex organisms have developed a spinal column and a complex and intricate nervous system, which serve the function of two-way communication between the brain and the cells and body tissues. The life rhythms, which move the body fluids, are under the control of this nervous system.


3. Simplistically speaking, this nervous system has two basic aspects, sensation and function. These could also be called sensory and motor nervous systems, or afferent and efferent fibres. Sensation involves nerve communication from the tissues towards the brain. Function involves nerve communication in the other direction, from the brain towards the tissues.


4. This two-way communication between the brain and the tissues is a fundamental requirement of all true healing in the body. It is a basic cellular requirement, so the brain knows what the cells want and vice versa. This is relevant to all nervous feedback loops in the body.


5. Generally, motor fibres which run from the brain to the tissues are efferent and run in descending (downward) tracts in the spinal cord. Sensory fibres which run from the tissues to the brain are afferent and run in ascending (upward) tracts in the spinal cord.


6. There is also a little-known DESCENDING SENSORY TRACT within the spinal column. It has been written about in some depth by Deane Juhan in his book Job's body. It's function is to modify incoming sensory information to the brain, facilitating and inhibiting incoming nerve signals to the rest of the central nervous system and brain.


7. The Vital Energy of the body is constantly adapting to different stimuli in its surrounding environment. These include sunlight, pressure, gravity, heat, cold, dryness, moistness, taste, smell, sound, ingested chemicals/nutrients etc. These are perceived through the sensory nervous system which carries information to the central nervous system and brain, which then responds, and sends different adaptive information to that area and sometimes other areas of the body, through reflex effects.


8. For example, if you rub an ice cube on the skin and dry the skin intermittently, the skin will eventually go bright pink. The initial stimulus is cold, and has a direct action on the body, sending the message to the brain that the area is cold and in need of more warm blood. The adaptive response from the body, or the secondary effect, is the increased blood flow and nerve supply to the area to warm it back up!


9. If the initial cold stimulus is too strong or too prolonged, then the body will go numb, tissues and cells will be damaged, and eventually frostbite or necrosis (death) of tissue will occur.


10. In addition, if the person who has the nervous system in question can't love the experience of feeling the sensation, then it becomes a trauma, often involving the formation of reactive tension patterns in the muscles and other tissues of the body, and contributing to the formation of stimulus-response-conditioned-reflexes (SRCRs).


11. A man named Pavlov would ring a bell and then feed his dogs. The dogs learned that when they heard the bell, food was coming. The dogs' stomachs would begin secreting acid expecting the food to come when they heard the bell. After a period of conditioning, the dogs' stomachs would secrete acid at any time of the day or night, expecting food to come, whenever they heard the bell. The dogs had been conditioned into the formation of a stimulus-response-conditioned-reflex (SRCR) which was now automatic or compulsive, like addictions.


12. Many of us have many different SRCRs (traumas) from a whole history of different forms of conditioning, many of which are currently unconscious, until they are triggered. Example triggers include a baby crying, the sound of mosquitoes, heights, flying, spiders, swimming, crowds, loud angry voices, fire, snakes, etc. Once conditioned a person loses choice in the given area of concern, because the response is compulsive and choiceless, and takes over from the person's own free will. In extreme form, this is relevant to obsessive compulsive disorders, panic and anxiety attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, addictions, certain behavioral problems, and brainwashing/mind control etc. The idea behind Conscious Healing and personal growth is to gradually eliminate these SRCRs to restore freedom of choice for a person.


13. Out of interest, the smallest organism I've heard of that is currently on record that has been successfully traumatized (conditioned) is a small leech-like creature called a fleaworm??. If touched with a metallic probe it will not react much, but can be made to curl itself up when the metallic probe is made to be electrically active (when it is electrocuted). (It has a rudimentary nervous system.) After some traumatic training, it will curl itself up when touched in the same spot, even if the metallic probe is not electrically active, even though it had never curled itself up when touched there before being traumatized by the electric shocks. This is analogous to post-hypnotic suggestion, as well as certain mind control techniques that have been spoken of, which involve the use of pain, drug, and hypnosis in unison, to effectively traumatize and brainwash a person, taking away their free will, and turning them into a dutiful unconscious robot when given the appropriate stimulus.


14. Any stimulus which exceeds the adaptive capacity of any organism, physically, emotionally, or psychologically, results in a disease process in the organism, forming SRCRs and potentially damaging tissue.


15. True healing involves the Conscious application of energies to the human organism, so that certain nervous pathways are favorably influenced to promote tissue healing. Therapies which involve extremes of pressure, temperature, etc. can overwhelm the adaptive capacity of the physical organism, resulting in numbness, suppression, and damage. These therapies then become traumas. The Art of healing involves the perceptive and careful regulation and application of these energies, and education in the underlying principles of consciousness transformation, so that the individual restores their conscious freedom of choice, and overcomes the SRCRs/traumas, at the physical, emotional, and mental levels. This is the essence of Conscious Healing.


16. So anything, including supposedly healing influences, which overwhelms the body's or mind's adaptive capacity tends to take the cells and tissues down the Healing and Disease Process Continuum (see on-line document by same author) into Numbness/Unconsciousness, Sclerosis/Hardening, and ultimately Necrosis/Death.


17. So, never apply a stimulus which exceeds the adaptive capacity of the organism!


18. Drinking of hot drinks and eating of hot foods can damage all the way from the lips to the stomach lining. Damage from this seems to be indicated by a thickening and darkening of the papillary frill in the iris or the eye. This can take several months to heal, to restore sensitivity to the damaged tissue. Some believe very cold foods and drinks may be in this category also. I have noted that mountain spring water seems to emerge from the ground at about 4 degrees Celsius. Basically, if you can stick your finger in it, or hold it in your hand indefinitely, it's alright to eat or drink, temperature-wise.


19. Excessive prolonged or hot steam baths, saunas, heat treatments, sweat lodges, etc., especially those which deny the person fresh oxygenated air (those which have the head within the heat source) may be damaging.


20. Excessively cold water that sends the body into numbness and shock may be damaging.


21. Electrical, electromagnetic (EM) and magnetic medical treatment devices can impose a different set of energies onto the human body which are not the same as its own energies. These can force the body to suppress certain sensations, or block pain receptors and other nervous structures. This includes electric shock treatment, and electric acupuncture devices. In short, they can be highly suppressive.


22. Thermal, radiant, and inductive energy effects which may overwhelm the body include sunburn, frostbite, mobile phone exposure, sleeping with head near the back of a television set, electrical induction from mains power supply, video display unit exposure from a cathode ray tube, electric shocks, electric blankets, water-bed heating mantle, X-rays and other EM diagnostic tests, general background EM noise, fluorescent lights, powerlines, and theoretically even GSR meter DC voltages.


23. Thermal changes affect crystal formations and cause them to emit a current. In Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics, Henry Lindlahr indicated that this was similar to the way an Oxydonor works, with the temperature differences in a piece of metal causing an electric current.


24. A deeper understanding of the way the human body interacts with external energies is available in several books. These include The Electromagnetic Man by Cyril Smith, and Hidden Healing Powers of the Electromagnetic Spectrum by Ernst Zeydel. Harald Tietze also has an excellent small book on measuring and excluding electrically induced body voltages from your sleeping and main living and working areas.


25. Certain hypnosis and mind-control techniques can be used to block the sensory perception of the person's brain from their body, perhaps by modifying the descending sensory tract. These can be highly suppressive, and can further distract a person from being able to objectively perceive the truth of an actual experience. Mental short-circuitry where a person convinces themself, or is aided by a therapist/hypnotist in convincing themselves, that the past happened differently than it really did is actually a technically advanced form of truth-denial. Turning the pain down until you can't feel it, or blowing it away in a pink bubble, etc., are in this category. This is suppressing the pain without dealing with the cause or the truth of it. Transferring a person's addiction for chocolate over to carrots doesn't resolve the basis of their tendency to addiction. Please remember that there is a time and place for everything, however.


26. Firewalks, as promoted in some new age circles, are suppressive, and are another form of truth-denial. If anyone wishes to argue with this, they need to realize that they may not have learned how to love the sensation of being burned alive. They have learned how to suppress the sensation of burning, and internally suppress this heat deep into the core of their body through thermal conduction. This results in an instant overwhelmed shock-like condition which the person does not even realise, and an enormous suppression of thermal-electrical energy. Firewalks are highly suppressive to the link between the sensory nerves of the feet and the brain, and thereby dampen/numb out these vital reflexes as are used in foot reflexology and other therapies. If this is still not understood, perhaps firewalking advocates would like to hold a candle flame underneath their tongue as they stick it out! The tongue is very close to the brain, and occupies a large portion of the homunculus area in the somato-sensory cortex of the brain. This will be a lot harder to suppress than the feet which are so far from the brain. (I don't really recommend this - it is just an example to demonstrate the foolishness of the activity.)


27. Beware of allowing yourself to be overcome by peer pressure, or feeling obligated to do what the group does (sheep mentality). Beware of participating in a thing you are unsure of simply because the people around you are doing it. Instead, investigate thoroughly and responsibly, and be responsible for your own decisions. Otherwise, it is the equivalent of running a red light at a pedestrian crossing because the car in the lane next to you is doing so.


28. Part of my experiences of observing people passing through healing crises has been observing those, who upon the restoration of their nerve supply to their feet, experience those energy patterns/sensory experiences which were suppressed below the level of their conscious awareness.


29. Two of the people I have observed who I know personally, and others, have re-experienced the burning excruciating pain in their feet which they suppressed during the firewalk. This involved them screaming in pain for several hours, and coming to a full and conscious realisation of everything which they suppressed during the firewalk. If you doubt this, fair enough, but I encourage you to investigate this matter thoroughly before condemning the viewpoint and experience I am offering here.


30. Let anyone who believes they have attained mastery by being able to suppress the pain and burning heat of a firewalk within their bodies see the error of their ways. There is a time for all things. There is a time to suppress. And there is a time to re-experience, transmute, and release with love, forgiveness, and understanding, what one has suppressed. If someone can consciously endure the pain of being burned, with full awareness of all energy patterns, including the pain and heat, and generate not one ounce of reactivity, or negativity, or tension, but only generates love and compassion, then this person has a chance of heading towards some kind of mastery.


31. A simple pinch test of the feet compared to the inside of the thigh is very useful. The feet will be numb relative to the inside of the thigh, in those who have suppressed the pain of the firewalk inside their bodies. (It can commonly be relatively numb anyway.) After this has been re-experienced, the feet will become just as sensitive as the inside of the thigh again. Sometimes even the inside of the thigh is numb, and we must compare with the skin on the front of the neck. If the whole body is affected (numb) we cannot compare.


32. A passage in the Bible states "Do not let your seed pass through the fire unto Mollech." A rabbinical scholar I met believed this was an ancient warning to future generations, about the harmfulness of the firewalk.


33. Now if you think you may have made a boo-boo! feel free to contact me. If you've ignorantly led people, or been led, along this path, I recommend the following. First, understand deeply, then admit your mistake (you're allowed to make them!), ask forgiveness, and then do everything you can to make right what you've done. I have observed that the practices of Sustained Acupressure and Body Hydropathy answer this requirement, as they have been demonstrated to bring to the surface for conscious re-experience and release, those energy patterns/sensory experiences which were suppressed.


34. The healing process/crises are prevented by continual numbing influences. This includes marijuana, and chemicals which suppress pain and symptomology and don't address root causes.


35. Marijuana has such a continual numbing influence on the nervous system and brain that true healing is prevented from occurring. (see three part online document in Bad Gear tab on website)


36. In order to fully understand all this, one must grasp the Healing and Disease Process Continuum and The Healing Crisis concepts, available in online documents and CDs.