Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

1. As the Vitality of a person gradiently increases, they consciously remember, re-experience, and release, past suppressed traumas. These include old pains and physical symptoms, which frequently intensify before passing away. These are known as Healing Crises.

(The pain often gets stronger before it goes away.)

2. This Vitality is dependent upon:

(i) The Ancient Natural Energies of Sun, Earth, and Cosmos

(ii) Inherited Vital strengths, and weaknesses (miasms)

(iii) The Conscious generation of Loving Enthusiasm and other Spiritual Attitudes

(iv) Constructive intentions, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Positive Attitude!

(v) Enough Water of adequate purity and energy

(vi) Intensive Nutrition to provide the cellular requirements

(vii) Overall constructive lifestyle, including choices of action, association, environment

(viii) Communication between the brain and the tissues and back again (Nerve Supply)

(ix) The physical movement of the Breath and other Life Rhythms throughout the entire body from head to toes and fingertips (Inherent Tissue Motion)

(e.g. Arterial pulse, Fascial Respiratory Motion, Cranial Rhythmic Impulse (CRI), Visceral Motility, Venomotion, Vasomotion)

(x) The Circulation and Drainage of Blood, Lymph, and Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) to and/or from the body tissues (fluid interchange), and

(xi) The emotional and mental willingness and desire to smilingly re-experience and release all from the person's past that was previously suppressed or resisted.

3. A person will gradiently remember, re-experience, and release each trauma in the here and now, on the Physical, Emotional, and Mental levels. Transmutation occurs when, moment by moment, with the appropriate Spiritual Attitudes, a person consciously, lovingly, and willingly, Receives (yin €“ afferent nerves) and Recreates or Intensifies (yang - efferent nerves) all suppressed aspects of each trauma.

4. Although exceptions frequently occur, the progression of this re-experience of previously suppressed symptoms frequently occurs according to the following patterns:

(i) Most consistently, in reverse chronological order as to how the symptoms were originally experienced (from the present, all the way back to birth and beyond apparently including ancestral or genetic trauma and past life experience)

(ii) From more important organs to less important organs (next most applicable)

(iii) From within out (centre to periphery, spinal cord and digestive organs to skin, and from mental, to emotional, to physical levels of experience) (can reverse)

(iv) From the head down (brain to fingers and toes) (least often observable)

(v) From degenerative, to chronic, to sub-acute, to acute, to normal

(vi) From lesser to greater layers of intensity within each trauma

(vii) Apparently in reverse sequence through manifestations of syphilitic, sycotic, psoric and other miasms (which are ancient suppressed inheritable infectious disease patterns)

5. Typically, during a Healing Crisis a person physically experiences the following (as partially described in the online document Healing and Disease Process Continuum):

(i) Lumps and bumps and Tissue Hardenings in the physical body dissolving while flexibility is restored (Hardenings includes crystallizations and calcifications.)

(ii) The return of past suppressed physical Numbness and Pain

(iii) The return of past suppressed physical Eliminations

(iv) The return of past suppressed Acute symptoms which preceded their original Chronic conditions

(v) Theoretically, symptoms associated with the clearing of inherited taints (miasms)

(vi) The physical body regenerating in both Structure and Function towards symmetry

(vii) Favorable changes occurring in the Iris and Sclera of the eye.

6. Memory returns from the void of complete Unconsciousness, gradually becoming more and more detailed, and changing from general to highly specific in nature. This includes:

(i) Sensory Memory including sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch

(including all previously suppressed pain, bodily sensations, and symptoms).

(ii) Word Patterns including words heard, spoken, or inside your mind, and

(iii) Emotions, which range broadly between compulsive victimization (unconsciousness/shock/overwhelm/vulnerability/aversion/yin), and compulsive causation (obsession/control/denial/adaptation/protection/ craving/yang).

7. A person realises how they have compulsively adapted and protected themselves from experiencing their core vulnerabilities in the past, and becomes able to experience them. The duality of compulsive victimization and compulsive causation is thus consciously perceived, and a person is then more free in this area of life.

8. Once the physical suppression is released, and the emotional reactivity is transmuted, a person then consciously perceives the dualities associated with the trauma at the mental level, and reaches a point of joyful discernment in the related areas of concern. Creative responsibility is reassumed and the ability to entertain multiple viewpoints in these related areas replaces the tendency to laying blame and justification.

9. Gradiently, a person experiences on the mental level, that which exists on the physical level, freeing themselves from identification with matter, and bondage to the physical.

10. A healing crisis is NOT a condition of balance, and is not supposed to be. It is important to understand that a person's body passes through many different relative levels of balance in between their successive healing crises. The use of balancing therapies may be suppressive to the proper completion of a healing crisis. Kinesiology, or muscle-testing appears to be inconsistent or unreliable during a healing crisis.

11. Awareness, Equanimity, Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Patience, Strong Determination, and Enthusiasm, all of an unconditional nature, are Spiritual Attitudes a person embodies to release these past traumas permanently, once again feeling their Oneness with all people, the Natural Environment, and the Energy and Consciousness of All Life.

12. These concepts are expanded on in the Conscious Healing Product Range , especially in The Healing and Disease Process Continuum, The Healing Crisis, and Case History CDs.