29/7/05 €“ by Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

Here follows a set of product names, ordering contacts, and selection rationale. Many inferior-grade products exist, but are likely to not fit the selection rationale. Many companies make many products. These companies don€™t necessarily make what a well trained naturopath would wish to make and sell. These companies then determine to a certain extent course training in naturopathic colleges; that is, they teach naturopaths to sell their products, and offer incentives for them to do so. Other companies wishing to stock naturopathic product lines then hire naturopaths and order these products. But was/were the original product/s good products to start with, constructed according to the highest standards and selective rationale? I argue that they are often not. Hence, I offer a selection rationale for the hopeful edification and education of company and practitioner alike. The precise and definite reasons for each item on this selection rationale are not included in this document. They are based on scientific studies, physiological concepts, product comparisons, and clinical experience. The prescription rationale for these products consists of some specific and definite clinical indications, signs, symptoms, and dietary diary/inquiry and case history data based on naturopathic methods. If you want someone to sell a product legitimately, they should think it is a good product, and know both the selection rationale and prescription rationale, in order to be offering a legitimate high-value service to the client.

All supplements/products should be energetically tested for superior vibrational state. Gross-strength comparative muscle-testing (emphasis on regeneration rather than balancing), breath-flow testing, and other forms of EM testing can be used.

Oxygen Supplement

At least 50,000 ppm dissolved oxygen
pH should be neutral (7.0)
oxygen should be diatomic €“ NOT singlet
should not contain chlorine, chlorate, perchlorate, or other chlorine derivatives


Chlorophyll-containing green cereal grass and other concentrates

Dehydrated at or near to body temperature €“ absolutely not above 110 degrees Fahrenheit (heat modification point for Lysine and Tryptophan) (above 118 degrees beginning of enzyme degradation)
Pricing/nutrient value ratio considerations should encompass awareness of:
Is product made from the juice or from the whole grass blade powdered?
Is product pure or blend?
Dehydration temperature of each ingredient if blend?
Is product liquid or powder form?
Is product predigested with lactobacilli bacteria?
Is encapsulated version necessary for client palatability considerations?

S.A.F.E. Green Barley Powder
S.A.F.E. Energy Food Capsules
S.A.F.E. Rev Plus Liquid
A.G.M. Fermented Foods €“ Grains and Greens Powder, Liquid Spirulina

Friendly bacteria supplement €“ Probiotic

Broad spectrum lactobacilli €“ not just one or two or three strains
Not centrifuged
Powder or liquid form? If powder be careful that centrifuging has not damaged bacteria and dehydration must be low temperature as above
Does it need to be stored in fridge or will air-conditioned room-temperature shelf be adequate?
NOT genetically engineered
Check shelf life
Bacteria can be selectively bread to be resistant to various chemical environments (e.g.caffeine, salt, chlorine, even antibiotics)

A.G.M. Fermented Foods
Grainfields B.E. Liquid
(Also: Grainfields Wholegrain Powder
Grainfields Powder Plus
Grainfields Grains and Greens Powder
Included in Raw Protein section below)

Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Vegetable derived (not pancreas) and in vegicaps (not gelatine) so it is acceptable for vegans
Pricing/enzyme activity units per dose should be used for comparison €“ not milligrams, IU or other

Genuine N-Zyme Company, Noosaville, Qld €“ Genuine Enzymes - Capsules

Mineral Supplement

Broad-Spectrum €“ 70 or more mineral elements
Usable minerals must be a small enough particle size (approx. five micron or less)
Pricing/nutrient value ratio must be considered
Is product liquid/capsule/powder?
Palatabiltiy and client compliance should be considered if liquid or powder.
Potentially increased level of disassociation in stomach acid should be considered
Should be low in heavy/toxic metal concentrations (e.g. arsenic, lead, nickel, antimony, mercury, lead, cadmium) €“ must not be sourced downstream from nuclear reactor (be careful if sourced from Utah)

Lifesprings Colloidal Minerals
S.A.F.E. €“ Citramin
Enzymes International - Coenzyme Minerals (Legality of resale in Australia for all overseas products would need to be considered.)

Sea Salt

Sourced from non-radioactive areas
Contains broad-spectrum trace elements
Ground or crystal form €“ ground usually more convenient for clients
Small containers for easy transport of ground form to dining places
Magnesium salt content makes it hydroscopic €“ tends to attract moisture from air
Should not be bleached €“ must not appear clean white
Must not contain Aluminium-based anti-caking agent (554) or other

Celtic Sea Salt

Raw Protein Supplement

Must not be exposed to temperature above 110 degrees Fahrenheit at any stage in processing/production
Must be parasite free
If product has not been dried then shelf-life must be considered
If imported must not be irradiated, gassed, or sprayed
Should be predigested with friendly bacteria for maximum absorption
Potential client-specific allergenicity should be checked €“ especially with bee pollen and asthma €“ possible anaphylaxis reaction must be considered
Must not contain synthetic laevo-form amino acids
Must be highly digestible if not predigested
Should be iridologically checked for potential muco-protein formation in client and iris fibre regression €“ avoid most muscle mass formulas for this reason
Must be completely predigested if it contains any soy protein at all
Must not contain hydrolysed protein
Must be naturally sourced from foods

Bee Pollen €“ check drying temperature
A.G.M. Fermented Foods:
Grainfields Wholegrain Powder
Grainfields Powder Plus
Grainfields Grains and Greens Powder

Fat-Soluble Vitamins (A & D)

Must not contain retinoic esters, acetates or other synthetics
Must be naturally sourced from foods
Must not be formed by synthetic irradiation of oils
Must be refrigerated
Must not be extracted from sheep-wool fat (lanolin)
Consider shelf life
Beta-carotene is not the same as real Vitamin A

Melrose - Cod Liver Oil
Grass-fed springtime Butter Oil

Essential Fatty Acids €“ boost Omega 3

Temperature stability and shelf-life should be considered
Must not taste bitter or be rancid
Flax oil should be consumed within a short time from opening (1-2 months €“ some say 2 weeks) to avoid degradation of the nutrients
Must be extracted without heat (cold-pressed) and stored in fridge
Must be bottled under nitrogen and gas-sealed, and container must be impervious to light, and preferably cardboard enclosed also

Cod Liver Oil
Fish Oil
Samon Oil
Grass-fed springtime Butter Oil

Stoney Creek or Melrose Flax Oil (same as raw linseed)

Coconut Oil €“ Medium Chain Triglycerides

Should be processed within hours of coconut collection
Should not be de-aromatised, clarified, or processed in any other way
Container should have a wide mouth for ease of access with spoon as oil solidifies below 18 degrees Celsius

Vitamin C Supplement

All synthetic vitamin C should be completely avoided. Energetic testing reveals that synethetic vitamin C differs from natural food sources. It acts like a drug on the body, suppressing healing processes and mucous eliminations. This applies to esterified forms, ascorbic acid, and all ascorbates. Any multivitamin or multinutrient complexes which contain these should also be completely avoided. Extremely short-term usage for acute toxicity (e.g. during amalgam removal) may be warranted, but needs further investigation.
Must be sourced 100% from food sources. Beware €œAcerola C€ supplements which contain only 5% acerola and are composed 95% of synthetic vitamin C.

Rose-Hip Vital - powder

Vitamin B Complex Supplement

The vita-fit company in Christchurch, New Zealand make a B complex formula originally formulated by Drs Anita and John Ray. This was deliberately formulated with optically neutral isomers of the B complex vitamins, but is still chemically sourced. These optically neutral isomers appear on energetic testing to be biocompatible.

All other chemical isomers of the B complex vitamins should be avoided.
With above possible exception, B vitamins should be extracted or concentrated from food based sources.
All multivitamin and multinutrient complexes containing synthetic forms of B complex should be avoided also.

Rice Bran Syrup €“ Dr Bernard Jensen€™s
Organic Yearling Beef Liver powder/tablet €“ preferably desiccated at low temperature and parasite-free
Some predigested Brewer€™s Yeast or other yeast extracts €“ not currently known

Vitamin E Supplement

Avoid all synthetic Vitamin E supplements, including acetates and succinates. Synthetic forms test weak energetically, and turn polarised light the wrong way as compared with natural forms.
Should be sourced from food.
Should not be exposed to light €“ dark/light-impervious bottles, preferably also cardboard enclosed.
Should be refrigerated.

Melrose Expeller Pressed Wheatgerm Oil

Calcium Supplement

Should be certified organic
Must not contain Heavy/toxic metals
Must deliver good pricing/nutrient density ratio
Should be naturally sourced
Should be highly absorbable
Should contain naturally sourced trace elements that are known synergists to calcium metabolism

Lifestream €“ Natural Calcium

Water treatment

Grander Water Units Ph: 5568 7522
Wellness filters






Negative Ion Generator

Negative ions produced must be biologically available via inspiration €“ hence their particle size must be very small
Negative ions produced must be duplicate of nature €“ oxygen (not nitrogen)
Proximity of ioniser to client must keep client outside of EM field (1 metre away), but within therapeutic range (usually not more than 6 feet)
Consider very-small-negative-ion concentration produced per cubic centimetre of air and availability to client 1 m away €“ near a waterfall is 50,000 per c.c.
Ioniser should be able to mimic nature in areas like waterfall/rainforest/beach/early-morning air.
Frequency and cost of replacement of ioniser needle elements must be considered.

Bionic Products €“ ELANRA Therapeutic Ioniser
Ph: 1800 074 844,

Cutaneous Contact Frequency Generator/Radiation Neutraliser

Should produce only biologically compatible frequencies
Especially important is production of Schumann Resonance Frequency (€œEarth€™s Brainwave€ €“ 7.83 Hz)
Must muscle/energy test strong

Enzymes International €“ Teslar watch €“ as designed by Andrija Puharich
- Pulsor microcrystal as designed by George Yao
- (Pulsor is disguised as crystal pendent €“ crystal placement and type must be biocompatible with client)


Dry Skin Brush

Must not have plastic-based/nylon bristles.
Must have only natural fibre bristles (often horse hair)

Dr Bernard Jensen€™s Dry Skin Brush