(based on excellent book €œYour Body€™s Many Cries for Water€ by Dr Batmanghelidj)

Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

(not orange juice, tea, coffee, alcohol, beer, spirits, cordial)
Why - dehydrated cells can€™t use oxygen
Quantity - 6-8 eight ounce/250 ml glasses a day, or more if required (hot/active)
- plus 2 extra glasses for each glass of tea, coffee, or alcohol
Purity - Consider investing in a water filter if you have town water or bore water
Energy - To improve consider using a Grander Water unit Ph: 55687522
When - a glass on first waking up
- a glass or two before each meal (5 mins or 30 mins €“ doesn€™t matter)
- whenever thirsty
- some every hour
Relevant to - everyone, stress, hiatus hernia, heartburn, vomiting, lower esophageal cancer, right lower abdominal pain, constipation, colitis pain, dyspeptic pain, non-infectious recurring/chronic pains, rheumatoid joints, asthma, spinal disc problems, sciatica, angina, migraine, emotional/mental problems, hormonal imbalance, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, allergies, inflammation, muscular dystrophy, insomnia.

For a few days assess exactly the quantity of water you normally drink and the amount of urine you pass. Then begin adding one or two glasses of water a day to the amount you usually drink. Also measure the quantity of urine you pass. If the amount of urine you pass begins to increase, then you can also increase the water you take. Change gradually. Thirst should be satisfied at all times, but is not a reliable indicator of your body€™s need for water as the setpoint to trigger thirst can change, so you can be dehydrated even though you are not thirsty. (It may be wise to consult a doctor in cases of pulmonary congestion or cardiac congestion which may demand special management considerations with regards to changing water intake.) Dark coloured urine is a sign of dehydration.

(also from Batmanghelidj)
Why - To replace what you urinate and sweat in a day
Type - Celtic Sea Salt
Why Celtic - No Aluminium Anti-caking agent added, lots of trace minerals
How much - up to ½ tsp for each 10 glasses of water drunk per day

If water intake is increased and salt intake is not, then salt deficiency can occur, resulting in cramps in unexercised muscles, dizziness, and feeling faint, among other symptoms. Therefore, begin to think of adding some Celtic Sea Salt (available Supernatural health store at Cannonvale Shopping Centre) to your diet. One should ensure that the kidneys are producing urine or body will swell up. If you sense your skin and ankles are beginning to swell, DO NOT PANIC. Reduce salt intake for a few days and increase your water intake and exercises until the swelling in the legs disappears. EXERCISE, MUSCLE ACTIVITY WILL DRAW THE EXCESS FLUID INTO THE BLOOD CIRCULATION AND SOME SALT IS THEN LOST IN PERSPIRATION AND URINE. Do not sit or stand in one position too long.