Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

(this document is extracted from the larger document Body Hydropathy)


Melody's testimonial (No.5) of AIP -

passing in and out of consciousness for several hours activa. Often they are a re-experience of an old childhood rash that was suppressed. Concurrent with the re-experience of the old rash, and elimination of old toxic smells through the skin, comes the fading and disappearance of the scurf rim in the iris of the eye. I wish to point out at this time very specifically, that I have never seen any of the techniques in this document when used properly, result in the increase in width or darkness of the scurf rim in the iris of the eye. The contrary DOES occur, however.


Jason's first experience (No.9) of WBC. The worst feeling I've ever felt in my life! Jason experienced dull chest pain and creaking in sternum, severe burning in toes, on top of left foot, and sacrum - strong pulsing throughout body, severe sweating all over body, full anteriority of all iris fibres going bright white (he observed this himself also, and stated that it was the most obvious healing crisis indications he had ever seen in his iris). He hit the fear level, and just wanted to run away (difficult when you're tightly wrapped up in a sheet and blanket, with about 14 blankets on top of you double folded!) Jason elected to discontinue the session after about 2.5 hours. He began to access a few childhood memories and feelings during the session.





Susie B. wrote me a testimonial (No.1) on her experience of the SC. Please note her carefully recorded experience which may be of benefit to others.



Please read attached article section from the European magazine - special edition on Dr Kakkar's research. Please note the endocrine gland hormonal secretion, blood circulation, and oxygenation effects confirmed in laboratory and medical studies. Please note in particular the reflex stimulation of the hypothalamus. This strikes me as being similar to the B.E. flow sheet sequence from the hypothalamus down through the endocrine chain.

Dr Kakkar is using a very specific protocol in his work. Priessnitz would sometimes do what Kakkar suggests for hours with CWHF (rubbing) (even more tiring than point holding!) for gout patients.


Another option, from Priessnitz, was to place the person in a half bath in 3-6 inches of water at about 16°C. Blankets were then wrapped around them and the tub, to hold in the air that the body warmed. People were often left like this for 6 hours a day, for 6 or 7 days, until fever was produced, and they broke out in rashes or boils, at which time their gout or arthritis would miraculously disappear!

We know in B.E. that the thymus and thyroid have begun to work again when we get a healing crisis fever. Priessnitz seemed to like to jump straight to this stage by continual stimulation of the hypothalamus with cold water. In this way, the cold water was used like pressure on a point, and was sustained until the body reacted. It was noted that people's appetites and thirst would increase drastically during this treatment, probably from the hypothalamus hyperactivity that ensued temporarily during the reawakening of it's function and the increased demand for nutrition and hydration from the newly restructuring tissues with the increased circulation. The ice in the SIT/SIP/AIP is used similarly.

It has been suggested that there are temperature receptors, with feedback to the hypothalamus temperature regulation area in the brain, in the abdomen and pelvic areas (by Guyton). The cold water of the Sitz Bath and the ice of the SIT/SIP/AIP may activate these temperature receptors, explaining why the sub-normal temperature of the chronic debilitated patient of Johanna Brandt's went back up to normal again (see attached article on The Ice Cure from her book The Grape Cure. Also read section discussing the Splanchnic circulation, further on.)

Sustained digital pressure on a spinal nerve was taught in chiropractic school to cause permanent nerve damage. This was taught out of fear, and from experience with people who didn't have enough nutrition to get through their suppressed numbness. John Ray discovered that if one continued the pressure a crisis was induced with burning pain and eventually fever, once the thyroid reawakened. Similarly, cold water, and ice, induce numbness, but once the numbness is worked through, the burning and increased circulation begin, producing a crisis. Of course, if too much pressure is applied, something breaks, or the person never gets through the numbness, and even actual damage can occur. Similarly, if excessive coldness is applied inappropriately (too cold or too long or too sudden), damage can occur, and the body can be made even more numb and traumatised (the numbness in the skin of surfing addicts from their winter surfing is an example). This is a matter for careful discernment.

If cold water or ice causes pain you can't yet endure, or produces a numbness and insensitivity of the skin, then the scurf rim in the iris of the eye will thicken, and iris fibres will regress. If excessively prolonged and overly intense heat is applied to the skin previously or by itself, then the scurf rim will grow as metabolism exceeds circulation in the body tissues. The scurf rim grows because of pooling of metabolic waste around the cells during the excess heat, and numbness and nerve damage from the excess cold. Because people have misapplied these primal energies (heat and cold, fire and water) in the past, and forced the organism into a disease process, resulting in numbness, insensitivity, under activity and toxicity of the skin, causing the scurf rim to grow, and other involutionary signs (regression and darkening of fibres) to occur in the iris, does not then rule out all hydropathy. To say or think so, is akin to saying that because a four tonne weight falling on a persons lower back damages them, so does a Body Electronics pointholding session with an elbow on an anterior lumbar vertebrae. This we know is not true, unless we put a large gorilla on a little old lady with osteoporosis, in which case her spine might break!

The cold causes mechanical and reflex toning and contraction of the tissues, which increases the pressure around the crystallisations in the body, and so they begin to dissolve. I don't know what name to give to this technique - perhaps cryo-thermo-piezo-electric effect! This physics laboratory principle/effect is just as legitimate as the piezo-electric effect whereby a compressed crystal gives out a current.

Here follows Henry Lindlahr's comments on warm and hot baths:

It is only on rare occasions that we recommend bathing at high temperature. Continually indulged in, it weakens the circulation, enervates the superficial nervous system and leads to atrophy of the cuticle. The effect of warm and hot bathing on the skin shows in the eyes through the heavy dark scurf rim in the outer border of the iris. (Anyone putting down hydropathy based on negative iris changes needs to read Henry Lindlahr's book Irisdiagnosis (Volume IV in his Natural Therapeutics series) to see the results of properly applied hydropathy in combination with proper nutrition.)

Combine with this the understanding that a serious proposal was put forward for the use of hot baths (40°C) as a contraceptive measure for men (long sought after by some!). This proposal was forwarded because of the dramatic lowering of sperm production and sex hormone output that occurs from hot bathing and wearing underwear that holds the testicles too close to the body instead of letting them hang freely as nature intended! Basically, heat shuts down the body's metabolism and hormone output, and cold raises it, as conclusively proven by Dr Kakkar.

Henry Lindlahr's comments on The Danger of Prolonged or Excessively Cold Applications follows:

As I have pointed out, only water of ordinary temperature as it comes from the tap should generally be used in hydropathic applications. It is positively dangerous to apply ice bags to an inflamed organ or to use icy water for packs and ablutions in febrile conditions. Likewise, ice or icy water should not be used in the hydropathic treatment of chronic diseases. Excessive cold is as suppressive in its effects upon the organism as are poisonous antiseptics and anti-fever medicines. The baths, sprays, douches, etc., should not be kept up for too long. The duration of the cold applications must be regulated to the individual condition of the patient and by his power of reaction. It should be borne in mind that it is the short, quick application that produces the stimulating, electromagnetic effects upon the system.

Ice Packs in Body Hydropathy are not used in acute disease, but to awaken the person's vitality so their chronic conditions are replaced by their previous acute ones. Two towel layers are used between the ice and the skin, and the ice pack is only applied to a small area of the body at once. During SIT, the ice is applied intermittently with rubbing dry, and is persisted in until the skin is pink and reaction is achieved. Ice can be beneficial if used properly to induce a healing crisis.

Bottom line: start bathing in tepid water, and gradually decrease the temperature as your body slowly adapts over a period of months to cold water. Never use water so cold it numbs the skin or exceeds your ability to endure. People with numb skins must have friction rubs or STOs held until their skin is sensitive enough for them to tell if the temperature of the water is causing them damage.

Following are Lindlahr's comments on the "Electromagnetic Effect of Cold Water":

One of the most important but least understood effects of hydropathic treatment is its influence upon the electromagnetic energies in the human body. I have never found any allusions to this aspect of the cold water treatment in any books on hydrotherapy which have come to my notice. The sudden application of cold water or cold air to the surface of the nude body and the inhalation of cold air into the lungs have the effect of increasing the amount of electromagnetic energy in the system. This can be verified by the following experiment:

Insert one of the plates of an electrometer (sensitive galvanometer) into the stomach of a person who has remained some time in a warm room. Now let this person inhale suddenly fresh, cold outside air. At once the galvanometer will register a larger amount of electromagnetic energy. The same effect will be produced by the application of a quick, cold spray to the warm body. It is the sudden lowering of temperature on the surface of the body or in the lungs, and the resulting contrast between the heat within and the cold outside, that causes the increased manifestation of electromagnetic energy in the system. This, together with the acceleration of the entire circulation, undoubtedly accounts for the tonic effect of cold water applications such as cold packs, ablutions, sprays, sitz baths, barefoot walking, etc., and for the wonderfully bracing influence of fresh cold outside air. In our Nature Cure work we find all the way through that the continued application of warmth has a debilitating effect upon the organism, and that only by the opposing influences of alternating heat and cold, including seasonal climatic variations, can we produce the natural stimulation which awakens the dormant vital energies in the body of the chronic.

Following are Lindlahr's comments on "Increase of Oxygen and Ozone":

The liberation of electromagnetic currents through cold water applications has other very important effects upon the system besides that of stimulation. Electricity splits up molecules of water into hydrogen, oxygen and ozone. We have an example of this in the thunderstorm. The powerful electric discharges which we call lightning separate or split the watery vapours of the air into these elements. It is the increase of oxygen and ozone in the air that purifies and sweetens the atmosphere after the storm. In acute as well as in chronic disease, large amounts of oxygen and ozone are liberated, and these elements assist to a considerable extent in the oxidation and neutralization of waste materials and disease products.

The following experiment proves that sudden changes of temperature create electric currents in metals: When two cylinders of dissimilar metals are welded together, and one of the metals is suddenly chilled or heated, electric currents are produced which will continue to flow until both metals are at the same temperature. Another application of this principle is furnished by the oxydonor. If both poles of this little instrument are exposed to the same temperature, there is no manifestation of electricity; but if one of the poles be attached to the warm body and the other immersed in cold water or exposed to cold air, the liberaton of electromagnetic currents begins at once. These electric currents set free oxygen and ozone, which in their turn support the oxidation and neutralization of systemic poisons. According to my experience, however, the cold water applications are more effective in this respect than the oxydonor.

The final words from Lindlahr for this document is on "Why We Favour Cold Water":

Some advocates of natural methods still favour warm or hot applications in the form of hot water baths, various kinds of steam or sweat baths, electric light baths, hot compresses, fomentations, etc. However, the great majority of Nature Cure practitioners have come to abandon hot applications almost entirely because of their weakening and enervating after-effects and because in many instances they have not only failed to produce the expected results but have aggravated the disease conditions.

We can explain the different effects of hot and cold water as well as of all other therapeutic agents upon the system by the law of action and reaction. Applied to physics this law reads:'Action and reaction are equal but opposite.' I have adapted the law of action and reaction to therapeutics in a somewhat circumscribed way, as follows: Every therapeutic agent affecting the human organism has a first, temporary, and a second, permanent effect. The second, lasting effect is contrary to the first, transient effect. The first, temporary effect of warmth above the body temperature, whether it be applied in the form of hot air, water, steam or light, is to draw the blood into the surface. Immediately after such an application the skin will be red and hot. The second and lasting effect, however, is that the blood recedes into the interior of the body and leaves the skin in a bloodless and enervated condition, subject to chills and predisposed to catching cold. On the other hand, the first transient effect of cold water applications upon the body as a whole, or upon any particular part, is to chill the surface and send the blood scurrying inward, leaving the skin in a chilled, bloodless condition. The lack of blood and sensation of cold are at once telegraphed over the afferent nerves to headquarters in the brain and from there the command goes forth to the nerve centres regulating the circulation; €˜Send blood to the surface.' As a result the circulation is stirred up and accelerated throughout the system and blood rushes with force into the depleted skin, flushing the surface of the body with warm blood and restoring to it the rosy colour of health. This is the second effect. In other words, the well applied cold water treatment is followed by a good reaction, and this is accompanied by many permanent beneficial results. The drawing and eliminating first effect of hot applications, of sweat baths, etc., is at best only temporary, lasting but a few minutes, and is always followed by a weakening reaction, while the drawing and eliminating action of cold water applications, being the second, lasting effect, exerts an enduring, invigorating and tonic influence upon the skin which enables it to throw off morbid matter not merely for ten or fifteen minutes, as in the sweat bath under the influence of excessive heat, but continually by day and night.


    A lady came to me with many health problems. Her feet were dry, cold, and non-responsive to a pinch test. I poured about an inch of cold water out of the tap into a tray container. I got her to sit in the chair and rubbed her feet while she put them in the cold water in the sun. Eventually I got her to rub her feet against each other, so she could do this at home herself without me. Afterwards I dried her feet and rubbed them briefly with the towel. Then we went for a brief walk. Afterwards, her feet and toes were bright pink, warm, and tingling. This tingling indicates the reawakening of the peripheral nerves. Her feet were now very sensitive to the pinch test - she now winced and jumped with a gentle pinch, and jumped when I dug my nail into her toe.

At Hippocrates Health Centre, where I work as the resident naturopath, I have found that within one week, a chronic cold feet tendency can be turned into a nice warm feet tendency in this way. This then produces a lasting change.

However, a person should continue to receive and recreate the suppressed energy patterns from the past during this process. The stimulation of the hypothalamus by the cold water touching the feet does seem to result in a reflex increase of enthusiasm which is quite noticeable. This increased enthusiasm I would have to call a change of consciousness. With this increased enthusiasm, the people seem more willing to face their suppressed resistances from the past.

It is a point of note, that those greats from the past with years of experience with hydrotherapy insisted that the feet should be bathed more often than the head.

It is a Hindu tradition to bathe the body from the waist up in the morning, before the day's activities, and from the waste down in the evening, before the day's rest.

Master Jesus bathed people's feet with cold water, and I proceed in this practise knowing it is endorsed by the highest authority.


For a full understanding of this type of bath, in combination with and separate from the steam bath, please read Louis Kuhne's book The New Science of Healing. In this book we see excellent case histories throughout, numbering in excess of one hundred. Almost all, if not all of these, involved regression through old symptoms - healing crises. Amongst these case histories are examples of structural change of the body, spine, limbs, etc., some even comparable to the results of Body Electronics. Louis Kuhne did not write about the iris, but used a system of Facial Diagnosis, which changed its indications in reverse order as his people got well.

Also, Henry Edwar Lahn's book Iridology: The Diagnosis from the Eye should be read. In here we find another record of tens, if not hundreds of case histories, using hydrotherapy and diet. In his book the iris changes are described, along with the people's symptoms, as they regress symptom by symptom, in reverse order, and their iris gradually returns to perfection. Lahn was particularly keen on trunk packs (a shorter version of the WSP), and on Sitting on Water (sitting on a pail of cold water for up to ten minutes with the breach and sexual organs immersed in the water, and the rest of the body dry and kept warm. This is one of the simplest of hydrotherapeutic applications, with strong derivative effects, increasing the functioning of the local eliminative organs, and producing increased blood circulation throughout the entire body, as can be seen from testimonial No.10.

Photocopied sections from Kuhne's and Lahn's books are included later in this document.


The Cold Bath was used by Priessnitz only for those with a strong constitution, when the skin had previously sweated, or at least been heated, usually with the Blanket Pack (Whole Body Compression). Priessnitz never used cold water on skin that was already chilled. After the Cold Bath, the person would be bright pink. Always, they were instructed to leave the bath before the second sensation of chill came on. Initially, the first chill sensation disappears, as the body reacts to the cold. After varying lengths of time, depending on people's inherent vitality, a second chill occurs. Priessnitz always avoided the second chill, finding it resulted in harm. The Cold Bath was often between 5°C and 10°C - VERY cold. Yet Priessnitz even used water of this temperature skilfully to induce a healing crisis, as evidenced by the many case histories in R.T Claridge's books Hydropathy - The Cold Water Cure, and The Cold Water, Tepid Water and Friction Cure.

As long as the bright pink colour was present on the skin after the Cold Bath, Priessnitz was pleased. This meant the body had reacted to the cold, similar to the pressure on the point, and dramatically increased it's circulation. When the pink reaction occurs, the skin becomes beautiful, with renewed sensitivity - more than before. If a person stays in the Cold Bath too long, then pure suppression is the result, with the skin becoming numb, the Scurf Rim growing, and the person's skin function being harmed. It is important to understand that Priessnitz was a master in this area, and carefully studied people's eyes, and their skin throughout their course of treatment.

Certain measures were used by Priessnitz to prevent cerebral and pulmonary congestion when the Cold Bath was used. Since he only used it on those with strong constitutions, and with great discernment, and because so much harm can be done with the incorrect use of very cold water, I DO NOT RECOMMEND EXPERIMENTING WITH THIS METHOD. It is included here only to do justice to Priessnitz' work, and to show that even very cold water can be used to induce dramatic healing, when used properly. If you experiment without the experience and knowledge necessary in this area, you do so at your own risk! Don't blame me if your Scurf Rim grows, your skin loses sensitivity, you have a heart attack or a stroke!


The Steam Bath has been tremendously misused through history. Overuse of external heat is harmful to the body, and the skin in particular. External heat raises the metabolism of the body's tissues. In the beginning (first few minutes), it also raises the circulation of blood to the tissues. So for the first few minutes, the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the tissues, and the drainage of cellular metabolic waste from the tissues, is enhanced, as long as the person's heart can stand the stress! But after the first few minutes, much blood pools in the skin and extremities, and does not return to the lungs for re-oxygenation, or to the nutrient stores and the other eliminative organs. Consequently, the metabolism of the cells exceeds the circulation necessary to support it, and a disease process results.

Many steam baths require a person to breathe their own exhalation in again, as the head is often enclosed in the steam bath. This lowers the blood's oxygen levels even faster, and results in a disease process even more quickly.

So, why use a steam bath at all? Because some people have cold skin, and do not have the vitality to react to a Wet Sheet Pack unless the skin is preheated for a short time, to get the momentum of the blood circulation through the skin going again.

So for optimum results with the Wet Sheet Pack, and sometimes with the Sitz and Hip Baths, a brief steam bath for a few minutes with the person's head out (so they can breathe fresh air), just enough to barely begin perspiration (open the pores of the skin), is VERY helpful before these treatments.

Used wisely and appropriately in this way, a lot of work can be saved for the Hydropath who otherwise must expend great energy frictioning the person's skin to achieve the same pink glow achieved in a few minutes in the steam bath. I have used this method for several years, and one of my teachers (a Nature Cure and Iris Diagnosis practitioner) used this method in his practice for sixty years. Neither him or I have seen any detrimental iris changes (including growth of scurf rim) when this method was applied properly. I would like to add that my teacher would only ever privately say that all brown eyes were blue, but never in public, for fear of the consequences. His sole method of working was to use all the natural forces at his disposal to induce a healing crisis fever, so the person could get well. He never lost a cancer patient who he agreed to help, and he successfully treated Down's Syndrome, Haemophilia, and Hermaphroditism (supposed genetic disorders) with his methods during his sixty years of practise.

He knew that Priessnitz never used the steam bath, and said he would have preferred to not have to use it; however, people would not persist long enough to get the results unless he used it to help speed the process along.

After the Steam Bath/Wet Sheet Pack a cold or tepid splash down or shower was given, followed by warm coverings and rest.