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(this document is extracted from the larger document Body Hydropathy)

1.Susie B.


(Author's note - actually Body Electronics was not applied. Briefly at the beginning of the session, I applied Polarity Therapy Spinal procedure to her spine to allow her to focus more easily and get the simultaneous pulsing through her body earlier. Because I explained certain similarities to her about the results of this type of treatment and Body Electronics, she has included it in the heading of her testimonial.)

Experienced the following:

  • Slight tingling down spine

  • Followed by warmth

  • Breath release enabling lower rib cage to free up

  • This continued up towards upper chest level with chest opening up and breathing becoming freer and relaxed enabling sufficient supply of air into lungs for first time in years

  • Sharp pain in mid upper back towards shoulder blade. This lasted only short time with vertebra cracking with every breath intake.

  • Feeling of anaesthetic in both legs from mid-thigh downwards especially around knees (medial meniscus - 2 removed Nov 91)

  • Upon rising, discovered legs wouldn't hold me up and difficulty in speaking. Felt as if I had just woken from general anaesthetic.

  • Urination was long just like after an anaesthetic.

  • Cold compress smelt like drugs

  • Had to lie down again in 'twilight zone' for further 20 mins.

  • 11.00 am Rose and walked up and down until legs felt stronger

  • 00 - 1.00 pm Slept for further hour

  • Didn't sleep well that night due to stomach cramps and old memories racing back.


  • Improved eyesight

  • .Great release of tension in whole spine for the first time in years

  • Thurs. 16 Oct noticed no pain in spine except for burning in tailbone

  • Also greater flexibility in spine



Experienced the following:

  • Same warmth and tingling down spine

  • Pain in old sore area in mid-upper back lasting several minutes

  • When being touched on tail-bone and upper neck - little spark of electricity on upper neck and slight shift of tail-bone.

  • When rising, anaesthetic like symptoms again for 1 hour afterwards but not as strong as first time.


  • More flexibility in pelvis when walking

  • More awake and not so incredibly tired

  • 3.00-6.30 pm Drove for 3.5 hours that afternoon without getting drowsy, which for me, is a miracle.

  • Tail-bone burning whilst driving and in bed that night

  • Upon arrival, although stiff, JUMPED out of car painless in spine, hip flexors and hips and was able to walk immediately without being bent over in pain and limping badly - a miracle - first time in 3 yrs.

  • Over the weekend, friends commented on how well I'm moving and breathing and no pain reflecting in my face.

  • Even as I write this sitting on my bed, legs spread sidewise leaning forward from the hips - no pain for first time in years.

Susie B.

Chelmer, Qld."


I would like to submit a brief testimonial as to the effectiveness of the cold water abdominal compress, I was kindly introduced to during my stay at Hippocrates.

This remedy had an instant effect on my digestive system and eliminated bloating and discomfort completely as well as initially drawing out toxins as indicated by a skin rash and one larger raised lump (upper thigh) containing a small amount of pus.

I also noted that the raised lump on my lower stomach (diagnosed as an ovarian tumour and pelvic growth measuring 14 cm and believed malignant) flattened, became softer and any occasional twinges of pain arising, gradually dissipated with the continuous wearing of this compress.

Many thanks, Kyle - much appreciated!


Perth, WA."

3.Irene M.

" Hippocrates, Queensland


Dear Kyle

Thank you for all you have given me during my 3 week stay here.

It has been really helpful to me to gain a clearer understanding of how the body works. I am really very surprised and impressed by your huge and comprehensive knowledge and also by your understanding of the medicine and philosophy of other cultures.

In particular I want to thank you for helping me to bring to a head a €˜healing crisis' using an ice-pack on my tummy. Very quickly blood began to pulse through my body and I experienced at first heat and strong pulsing in my big toes and then my knees and then severe pain. I experienced difficulty in breathing because of the pain in the solar plexus area which intensified when I tried to breathe other than in a very shallow way.

Because you encouraged me to breathe deeply despite the pain, I decided to do that, and in a very short time, during which I breathed as deeply as possible, the severe pain eased almost completely and I could breathe very deeply. I noticed then that the lower part of my spine was flat on the bed for the first time in my memory (I am 58 yrs old). I have always had a pronounced sway back. Needless to say I am happy and delighted.

Thank you also for teaching exercises in such a way that the student learns how they benefit health.

And your kindness, sense of humour and ability to adapt your teaching to the student is appreciated. It's lovely.

Very best wishes

Irene M.

4. Pauline


My coccyx and sacrum were the main focus of this experience as they were painful throughout. I also had an intense cold sensation in my heart area which vanished after a good cry. When this occurred I felt such an opening within my chest - my breathing changed to become full and deep and very relaxed. As the coccyx/sacral pain intensified so also did my resistance. The words I want to move, I just want to move repeated in my mind. I felt the need to arch my head backwards, and there was intense tightness in my forehead. It felt like I was in the birth canal with pressure also on my throat - I just wanted to move, to get out, get away.

Once I'd cried and expectorated (clear mucous) there was complete calm. I could feel a new sensation that travelled from my coccyx up my spine, over the top of my head and down the front of my body to my pubic bone. There was a brief period after this of waiting for the last little bit of mild pain to release from the coccyx and I opened my eyes. I felt great!

Friends present at the time commented how my forehead had popped out and my walk was back to the way it was before I was pregnant. (Our son was 2 months young at the time of this experience.


Kyle's Self-Healing Course introduced me to the technique of shaking exercises. This brought about the most amazing transformation to my circulation - my whole body started FEELING the circulation by producing warmth throughout the entire body - even as far as feeling the €˜aliveness' in the skull area.

My nervous system felt so much calmer. As if a total change - from adrenal rushing to a state of calmness.

I then embarked in a friction rub during a cold water Rebirth. The friction rub with the waters' stimulating influence, brought about a feeling of circulation and heat despite the coldness of the water.

This brought on old chills from the past, as a healing crisis. After this my circulation was increased even further. I now have warmth, particularly in the hands and feet area. This is a dramatic constitutional change.

The abdominal ice pack, passing in and out of consciousness - this was amazing, abdominal pain, as if the Caesarians were relived. The hours passed so quickly, as if there was a time warp. As I was going in and out of consciousness I was remembering incidences of the past. The heat started at the perineum and worked its way up the spine to the base of the skull where tingling began and is still current (a feeling of restoration of blood supply.)

Restoration of the sexual organs. I began to feel again. I became free of old resistances in this area. Increased libido, a tremendous energy boost, and freedom in thoughts and feelings. But with this it has opened up my life with trusting and a feeling of love for myself.

The Spinal Ice Technique. It was a sharp razor-like feeling bringing about a pulsing feeling through the fingers and legs and feet. This also brought about such release of emotions. I now feel so confident to say what I feel, when I feel it. I now feel such truth and whatever happens I believe I will flow through life, just knowing and trusting, and I am so safe.


Gold Coast, Qld.


6.Please see David White's testimonial which he typed himself

which follows.

7.Mark's testimonial about what he observed in my iris during my


Through experimentation with Kyle, using the hydrotherapy in conjunction with proper nutrition, I observed several iris changes after I applied ice up and down Kyle's spine. Kyle was covered and kept warm with a blanket and started going through a healing crisis. I observed his eyes before he went into the crisis, during the crisis, and after the crisis. My observations were:

Before crisis -

  1. Quite a dark brown colour overlaying the fibres with very little blue fibres visible

  2. A black crypt in left iris in the breast region

During crisis -

  1. All iris fibres raised forward and the edge of the crypt in the left breast area raised forward and became white.

  2. I watched the iris fibres around the leg region change from light brown to green to blue.

After crisis -

  1. There were more fibres visible than before, much of the brown discolouration had gone around the leg and breast regions.

  2. Green and blue were now showing.

  3. The crypt had gone from being totally black to a lightish grey colour.

I witnessed Kyle having burning in chest and as he intensified the pain there the crypt filled in with lighter coloured fibres. The whole thing lasted a good couple of hours. I learned about this colour change going from black (unconscious) to the lighter shades moving up the emotional scale after the observation of Kyle's iris.

- Mark Gavins N.D.

Qld. Ph:07 55 25 37 17"

8.Mark's experience during SIT.

"My experience with the spinal ice technique.

After the blood supply was to the whole of my spine (as shown by the pink line up my spine in response to the ice, I started experiencing old traumas. One trauma which surfaced was a fall on my coccyx - in which I experienced the pain and saw the event as if I was experiencing it now. Then a number of other events resurfaced. The whole thing just kept going until I chose to get up. During the experience I was facilitated by Kyle. I had an old knee injury and ankle injury resurface. I experienced the pain, the visual memory, and the emotions I felt at the time. The re-experiencing of old trauma's came after the SIT was completed and I was covered with a blanket. Kyle observed that my iris fibres were raised forward and were bright white. The body seemed to go onto automatic as the different traumas were experienced. Immediately after the treatment I felt terrible. A day or so later my energy was higher than it had been for a long time. Although experiencing a few old pains I felt great.

- Mark Gavins N.D.

Qld Ph:07 55 25 37 17"

9.Jason's testimonials.


I spent about 3 hrs wrapped up. My hands and head throbbed hard for most of the time and my feet did for a little while. I sweated vigorously for the whole time even on my cheeks where I haven't sweated for a long while. I regularly sweat there now. At the end of the session I had lower abdominal pain. The next day I had a day of cleansing diarrhoea.


Strong throbbing through hands and head and my whole body felt very warm for the whole time. Afterwards there was a noticeable divet in the middle of my forehead where the most intense throbbing was. The divet was noticed by Kyle, my girlfriend, and myself.


I was intensely hot for the whole time with an uncomfortable feeling. I sweated vigorously the whole time, leaving a puddle of sweat on the floor. I had a burning pain on the top of my toes, heels and sacrum. When I fully expanded my chest I had a strong pain in my sternum. I had a strong tingling/vibration through my hands, upper torso and head for the last half of my time on the table. It was very uncomfortable feeling, the most intense I had ever experienced. After about 2.5 hrs I could not lovingly and willingly endure any more. Kyle took off the blankets asking whether I was sure I really wanted to come out. All iris fibres were bright white. The next day my head was still throbbing. By the end of the day I was feeling quite sick and hot. I threw up and felt that bad that it reminded me of how I felt when I had concussion 12 years ago.

10.E. Raccanello

"To whom it may concern, or those who suffer from poor circulation or haemorrhoid problems,

My son Robert had a brain tumour at two and a half years old. He is now nineteen years old. He was left with many problems but, one of them has been poor circulation. He has had no relief of this problem until we tried Kyle's methods. Kyle suggested that we use cold water and briskly rub it over the body. This exercise used to take approximately 30 minutes before we achieved any pinking of the skin. However with time we now only have to give him a tepid shower and his skin quickly turns pink.

At one of the point holding sessions Kyle placed an ice pack on his abdominal area. From this Robert had pain and burning in his head an memories of one of his operations. We also noticed sweating on his cheeks, a place which he has never sweated on before. Pink patches were also visible on his cheeks and forehead. Till this day he has a more pinkish complexion compared to a pale sickly colour. Kyle has asked me to mention what occurred during the Abdominal Ice Pack. We used this privately at home WITHOUT pointholding at the same time. I observed his right forehead popped out and Robbie could feel movement in the bones in his head and face. Robbie said he felt burning and vibration in different parts of his body and head.

Haemorrhoids is another problem that Robert suffers. They are aggravated easily and bleed often. Kyle suggested cold bum baths. Bum baths are when you sit in a basin of cold water. Since starting this method there has been a great improvement.

Another area that has been helped is that Robert no longer suffers cold feet. Since we started with these methods his feet are warm and he no longer needs to wear socks.

We recommend Kyle's methods as they have helped us solve a problem that has been around quite some time.


11.Helen Elkington

"Testimonial 9th February '98

I consulted Kyle Grimshaw-Jones at Hippocrates one Saturday (after attending his 8 week course on health) seeking advice and relief for chronic pain in the chest, upper and lower back. I suffered asthma and a disc bulge between L3 and L4.

Due to time restrictions and low energy levels, Kyle suggested an abdominal ice pack which resulted as follows:-

  • I experienced extreme pain and burning in front of chest and upper back area, resulting in a dramatic release and opening of my chest making breathing deep and easy and I could feel breath in my lower abdomen for the first time.


  • felt an explosion-type feeling in my lower back resulting in normal strength and mobility and I was then able to twist and roll over. I had the sciatic nerve severed to relieve disc bulge pain in my back some years prior.


  • I had restriction in my abdomen underneath a gall bladder scar and I experienced a great release during the abdominal ice pack and this allowed my abdomen to rise and fall with each breath which was deep and easy for the first time despite 12 months of breathing exercises.

In combination with other procedures undertaken with Kyle, I no longer require any medication for asthma and have had no asthma attacks for 6 weeks to date.

H. Elkington

Gold Coast."