Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

(this testimonial is extracted from the larger document Body Hydropathy)

21 st January, 1998

Mr Kyle Grimshaw-Jones

Universal School of Holistic Healing Arts

Suite 19, 100 Bundall Road

Surfers Paradise 4217

Dear Kyle



Further to my attending your Self-healing course, I wish to take this opportunity of expressing both my admiration and sincere gratitude for the remarkable and positive changes that have manifested within me as a result of your teaching and guidance.

To this end, I would be pleased if you would share this testimonial with others seeking to the truth about healing themselves through Holistic means.

To recount my personal healing experience, I should first like to recall those problems first discussed with you during orientation: namely, back pain, migraine headaches, low lung capacity, eczema, painful feet.

During our sessions together, we discussed the lifestyle and dietary requirements for optimising my body's natural ability to self-heal. Having followed these guidelines to the best of my ability, I then undertook a session of Hydrotherapy, with you, in November 1997.

You will recall that, in order to expedite a rapid increase in blood circulation, I first spent 10 minutes in a steam tent. This was then followed by my body being wrapped in a cool, moist cotton sheet, and then, in turn, being wrapped in several woollen blankets.

For a periods of 90 minutes I concentrated on my reverse breathing technique whilst being regularly hydrated. It was during this time that I had a profound self-healing experience.

At first I noticed that my body temperature was raised to that normally experienced during a fever - although I did not experience any discomfort as a result. I then became aware that my entire body was experiencing a rhythmic, synchronistic pulsing in time with my heartbeat, as oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood began to flow to every extremity of my body.

As stated during orientation, thirteen years ago, during a Rugby Union game, I suffered a broken sternum (breastbone), resulting in hospitalisation and extensive bed rest. I can recall that at the time I had great difficulty in breathing, and my lung capacity never did return to its pre-injury volume. I have also suffered extreme upper, middle, and lower back pain for many years as a result of playing Rugby, with numerous chiropractic and physiotherapy sessions failing to alleviate the constant pain of same. I was also favouring my left foot that had been damaged in a motorcycle accident in my teens.

However, soon after feeling the synchronistic pulsing in my hydrotherapy session, I experienced a thoracic reconstruction, wherein I felt my sternum and associated ribs move back into their pre-injury position. I have subsequently noticed a marked increase in my lung capacity as well as a dramatic increase in the size and flexibility of my chest and rib cage. I find it easier to breathe and no longer hold my breath when feeling stressed.

Furthermore during the hydrotherapy session, I experienced a spontaneous spinal realignment without the aid of external pressure or spinal adjustment. I can remember lying on my back with my body gently pulsing when a series of small contractions occurred, originating at the top of my spine and slowly moving towards my pelvis, and felt several vertebrae move into their pre-injury and natural position.

Notwithstanding, there has been a marked decrease in back pain and I have not suffered a migraine since my spontaneous spinal realignment took place.

During my hydrotherapy session, I experienced a great deal of heat in my feet, and my left foot was throbbing. It was then that I felt a twitching sensation as the bones spontaneously re-aligned themselves to their pre-injury position.

Subsequently, I no longer experience any pain or discomfort in my foot. However, I have yet to see wheter this shall also be the case come winter when, traditionally, the pain is at its worst.

Towards the end of my hydrotherapy session, the dilation of the veins in my forehead marking the increase of blood flow to my head resulted in my becoming aware of my Pituitary gland being stimulated. I understand from this that my endocrine system has also benefited from the experience. Furthermore, the eczema rash on my forearms has not returned since I undertook my hydrotherapy session last November.

You may recall that during the session that you undertook an examination of my irises and advised me that I might undergo some spontaneous healing over the next few days and that I would probably feel quite ill.

Well, true to your word, for a period of three days after my hydrotherapy session I was bed-ridden and feverish. I expelled a large volume of both gastrointestinal and respiratory tract mucus during this fever and experienced vivid memories of my early childhood and, in particular, how ill an allergy to dairy products made me when I was young.

I feel that I have undergone a rapid development of the spiritual and emotional aspects of my consciousness and both my wife and mother have stated that they have noticed favourable changes in my personality and outlook as a result of my studying with you.

It is my considered opinion that the use of Holistic Self-Healing principals, and in particular hydrotherapy under your direction, has had a lasting and beneficial influence on my personal health and wellbeing. I would gladly share my experience with anyone seeking to learn the truth about self-healing through the guided use of your hydrotherapy techniques.

Yours, thankfully and sincerely,

David White.