Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

(this document is extracted from the larger document Body Hydropathy)

Before the ice pack was applied I noted very carefully the lesions, pigment spots, depth of fibres, any chronic and degenerative signs in each persons iris. Once the ice pack was applied I witnessed and recorded six people work back through old traumas, and observed very strong iris changes occurring.

  1. ANNA

  1. Had a very brown eye, with just visible green fibres in zone 6.

  2. During her healing crisis, as she went back through an old trauma with her neck, and all the emotion, sensory memory and word patterns which surfaced, she experienced tremendous pain. Her iris fibres at this time where a little more visible and the whole iris was a golden colour.

  3. After 4 hours of pain there were blue/green fibres very clearly visible in zones 3 to 6. The brown still inside the ANW was a light shade of brown, whereas before it was quite dark.

  1. STEVE

  1. Experience burning in the toes and the head.

  2. During the pack all iris fibres raised forward and were bright white.


  1. I observed a small dark crypt in the shoulder region of both David's eyes.

  2. After the ice pack was applied he retrieved the memory of a dislocated shoulder during a football game. He experienced all the pain, emotion, vision or sensory memory and the word patterns, with the help of facilitation. The pain was very intense.

  3. The iris fibres around the crypt raised bright white.

  4. After several hours of pain David had burning at the base of the spine.

  5. After the experience the fibres in the crypt were much lighter and a bright white healing line was running through the middle.


  1. A dark brown psora spot was observed at 6 o'clock in the right eye.

  2. The pack was placed on and she felt numbness in the pelvic area.

  3. After this she experienced stabbing pain from the knee to the hip and concentrating in the uterus.

  4. Almost all of the fibres in her iris raised forward.

  5. The big brown pigment spot had dramatically decreased in size and lightened in colour to an orange.

  6. After the crisis was over the pigment spot was hardly visible


  1. A small grey lesion was seen in the right eye at 9 o'clock and a leaf lacunae at 3 o'clock in the right eye, grey in colour. Also observed was a very large pink pigment spot at 6 o'clock.

  2. During her experience with the abdominal ice pack, she had back pain and pain in the pelvis.

  3. Afterwards, I noticed that the large pink pigment spot had faded in the middle.

  4. Jenny also experienced pain in the middle of the chest and her breathing rate increased.

  5. The fibres around the lesions in the heart area raised and became bright white.


  1. Before the ice pack was applied all the blue fibres were covered with a yellow wash giving an appearance of a green eye.

  2. During the ice pack I observed raised white fibres in the leg region.

  3. Delia experienced pain in the legs.

  4. After a while the pain in her body became very intense. Her limbs were vibrating, she had burning in the lower back and pelvic pain.

  5. Delia had feelings of the epidural many years ago.

  6. She had electricity shooting throughout her body. She described the feeling as €˜electrical veins'.

  7. After these experiences her iris was much bluer, a lot of the yellow wash was removed and the whole iris was much brighter in colour.