Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT

(this document is referred to in other documents as Body Hydropathy)






















The information contained in this document has been recorded in such a way that the whole document should be read and considered carefully. Acting upon individual sections of this document without reading the whole may be misleading or dangerous.

It should be well understood that the techniques presented in this document are not palliative or balancing measures. They have been applied successfully for the purpose of inducing a "healing crisis". Therefore, anyone choosing to experiment with these techniques must ensure they are adequately prepared, both

physically, nutritionally, and psychologically. All the Body Electronics information and experience of the healing crisis should be thoroughly digested by the individual, before using these techniques. Consistent results do not appear without nutritional preparedness. Certain excellent results occur with almost no nutritional preparation on some occasions (David White had been taught a nutritional program, but not yet enacted it beyond some good dietary change), but for consistent results, no better nutritional program exists, to my knowledge and understanding, than the Body Electronics Nutritional Program.

It should be understood that these techniques are the culmination of 9 years of intensive research, practise, contemplation, experimentation, and prayer. Nonetheless, I still consider these to be experimental, and am not willing to be held responsible for any individual's pain/discomfort/damage/harm/death as a result of their decision to undergo the techniques and disciplines described in this text. Bottom Line: EXPERIMENT AT YOUR OWN RISK! Certain margins for safety have been established in my experience with these techniques, but where they fall is still uncertain. The listed contraindications are very likely incomplete, and are tentative at this stage. I suggest avoidance of all the techniques in pregnancy, which is not a good time for healing crises. Also, those with acute inflammations/infections in the abdominal organs or elsewhere, and those with known heart conditions, or indicated heart weakness (iris and sclera) should probably avoid many, if not all of these techniques. Those who have had cervical spinal damage (or any spinal damage), those with certain types of cranial injuries, and those with glandular abnormalities of the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, hypothalamus, may have certain special indications and contraindications to treatment. Basically, IF IN DOUBT, DON'T, and pray mightily.

This document is for informational purposes, and it is hoped that it will encourage further experimentation, so that many more people can benefit. This document may be copied and distributed, but only if done so in full, with all accompanying literature as first distributed. This document remains the property of the author, and may not be sold without permission, other than to barely cover printing/copying/distributing costs.

After much prayer I have decided to bring this information forward. To withhold it, at this time, would constitute what to me is a "sin of omission". There are people who have been helped tremendously with these techniques, some of whom I was too exhausted to work on with Body Electronics. Consider the case

histories and testimonials from David White and from Irene and Helen, and their implications about the importance of Body Hydropathy. Bear in mind that they all had several hours of intense burning pain, with different techniques, to achieve their results. Bear in mind also, that they all had to hold their bodies as perfectly still as possible, and to breathe deep and regular.

Even though the potential exists to facilitate several people at once undergoing certain of these techniques, it is probably unwise in the beginning. Let's crawl before we can walk! Eventually, one facilitator may facilitate several people undergoing these techniques all at once. Later on, it may turn out that facilitation becomes unnecessary, as people become more independent and responsible. This is merely a possibility, and seems to me to be a long way off. Most of us still need support to go through our crises, and many of us need encouragement to face the issues we most don't want to face.

A potential complication of experimentation with Body Hydropathy, is that people may attempt to facilitate another person undergoing one of the techniques, without having gone through enough disciplines to bring their own suppressed pain back for conscious re-experience and transmutation. This is like trying to sail to India based on the instructions of someone who wrote about it without actually doing it! Proper facilitation depends upon certain qualities in the facilitator. These include patience, endurance, love, compassion, focus, awareness, inner stillness, and a capacity to love both pain and pleasure with equanimity in service of a fellow human being. Unless certain disciplines have been enacted by an individual, and these qualities have been fostered, then proper facilitation may not be forthcoming. There may be exceptions to this observation. For these reasons, I suggest that most people should pass through the Body Electronics training before they attempt to be the sole facilitator of a person undergoing Body Hydropathy.

To my understanding, Body Electronics has been worked out through trial and error/experimentation on thousands of people over four decades. It has been worked out the best ways currently known of to achieve consistent regeneration results. Body Hydropathy DOES NOT have this track record of long-term consistency in MY DIRECT EXPERIENCE AS YET. I have witnessed good consistent results with a limited number of people (everyone I've ever worked with!), once the unconsciousness/numbness is worked through, and Vincent Priessnitz, Louis Kuhne, and others worked with Hydropathy for many years witnessing consistent miraculous results. So great past consistency of results totalling a good hundred years in the west (at least) collectively between different practitioners does exist. Also, according to Yogi

Ramacharaka, the Wet Sheet Pack is "one of the oldest Hindu methods of Water Cure", and Hydropathy has been used for centuries in the Orient. He states:

"...'Hindu-Yogi Water Cure,'which have been in use in India and

surrounding countries for MANY CENTURIES (capitals mine). So

simple are these methods, and so common is their use in those

countries, that the simple folk of those lands would be greatly

surprised to learn that it was necessary to instruct anyone in

their use. They regard these methods as almost instinctive, and

as natural to the race as walking, breathing or sleeping. To

think that people should be required to be taught the natural use

of water would seem as preposterous to them as that people should

need to be taught how to breathe - and yet instruction in both of

these things have been found necessary by the Western peoples,

whose "civilization" has led them so far away from Nature that

they have forgotten the first instinctive teachings of the Great

Mother of All.

We trust that you will not allow the extreme simplicity of these methods to prejudice you against them, or to prevent your use of them. Do not make this mistake. Trust the instinctive knowledge of these people of the Far East who live very close indeed to Nature, and who trust to her loving teachings. It is true that in the great cities of India the people have departed from their ancient customs and habits, but in the country away from the cities the Hindus live as they lived centuries ago, close to Nature and receiving her benefits. One has to pay the price for the advantages of €˜civilization' - and that price is often Disease and Weakness. But if the original Natural Methods of Physical Well-Being are adhered to, one may have both €˜the Penny of Health and the Cake of Civilization.' We trust that this little book will lead many to the right and natural path of living. Water, Air and Sunshine - these are Nature's three best gifts to Man. Let him appreciate them, and use them as he should. These three Natural Remedies would almost abolish Disease, were they properly used by the race. But at least, YOU may use them, whether or not others do. (Well said!)

The Body Hydropathy I am presenting in this document is not exactly the same as these greats from the past. Therefore, it's early days folks! Perfect or near-perfect consistency of results is not yet established, but hopeful.

I wish to point out that their are many techniques, many pieces of the puzzle. Body Hydropathy is just one more piece in the puzzle. A man at the first Genazzano once said, after spending decades going from one technique to another, that all techniques are merely vehicles for Grace. This Grace allows us to gradually overcome our mental and emotional resistances, bringing this physical body back to a state of perfection. In the words of a great man: The bottom line is change of consciousness.























  1. It is, on occasion, difficult to find enough point holders for weak people who cannot or should not hold points on others. Either they cannot afford it, or the people holding feel out of exchange because the person they're holding never holds them. Many people in this position find it difficult to find enough support for their pointholding to be applied intensively enough to get the desired results. (It is acknowledged that this is largely karmic and is an outer reflection of the persons inner consciousness - but what do we do when the problem has already manifested?)


  2. I personally find that it is very tiring to attempt to hold points on every person who needs it. I get burnt out.


  3. I want people to have, potentially and eventually, a way they can help themselves to progress, similar to B.E. , in that:


  1. suppressed pain comes into consciousness for healing

  2. suppressed memory returns with conscious re-experience

  3. iris fibres move anteriorly and other favourable changes

  4. nerve supply and blood circulation is restored resulting in

  5. return of sensitivity to numb areas

  6. regeneration of muscle structures

  7. repositioning of bone structures

  8. cranial restructuring

  9. disappearance of scurf rim


but with only one facilitator present (or even eventually no facilitator at all) or perhaps one facilitator to several people re-experiencing suppressed trauma. Also, I want the facilitator

to not have to get burnt out holding points on all of them at once or individually! (It is acknowledged that just the role of being a facilitator of even one person, let alone several, is enough to send most people into a healing crisis!)


  1. The techniques from point (3) would still require a facilitator present until a person is ready to facilitate themselves (perhaps quite a way off). Thus, a scenario where I, or another facilitator, could facilitate several people at once, without having to hold points on any of them is a conceivable eventual development.


  2. Not having to hold points means that the facilitator does not have to get burnt out by being electrocuted by every person they hold points on. So in this way, more people can be helped, and the facilitator's health doesn't need to go down from excessive pointholding. (Even having said this, an even more noticeable resonant effect seems to come into play, which seems to favour (5) The combination of B.E. with the above techniques is still possible and has been trialled with excellent results, as have the techniques themselves, in their pure form. The facilitator sits still in a symmetrical meditative posture for optimum results. The resonant effect can be draining, but in a different, less physical way than pointholding.)



































  • Pauline's testimonial (No.4) on her experience of AIP - cold feeling in chest (parental heart attack?), chest restructured, feelings of birth, and energy flow through complete microcosmic orbit (from perineum, up spine, over head, down front of body to navel)


  • Jason's testimonial (No.9) of AIP - body and toes pulsing simultaneously, cheeks sweating for first time - have ever since, change in cranium - metopic suture became visible around third eye area (noticed by his girlfriend as well). It should be noted that this is the first time that Jason ever managed to feel the pulsation in his toes. It should also be noted that the simultaneous pulsation through the body at 72 beats per minute is understood in several different disciplines to indicate a great increase in the Universal Life Energy in the body of the person in question, and occurs during healing crises.


  • Helen's testimonial (No.11) of AIP (We used it because I was too exhausted to hold points) - exploding feeling in hips/sacrum -


  • return of muscle function, strength and flexibility lost since nerve severance operation for pain relief (Helen could not, from lying on her back, roll over without using her arms to pull herself around. She had no strength in her legs, buttocks or lower back since the operation. After going AIP she didn't need her arms to roll over at all!)

  • release of abdominal adhesion left from gall bladder operation at 2 years old - deeper breathing in abdomen (almost non-existent before)

  • release of chest - dramatic long-term improvement of asthma

  • went through suppressed back pain

  • not bad for no points held while facilitator exhausted!

  • Robbie's mother's testimonial (No.10) with AIP (suggested as experiment to try at home to de-congest abdominal area) - head pain, and cranial restructuring (his right frontal eminence came out, and he intuitively knew that a man's property was for sale, and that a Chinese man wanted to buy it!) Earlier we combined AIP with point-holding, as has been done several other times. This resulted in return of sweat function to facial cheeks, which previously had not perspired for over a decade. Please consider that sweat is a flow of electrolytes. This suggests a potential for crystal dissolution and also that colloidal minerals are important supplementation. This case history demonstrates compatibility of AIP and B.E. Also note, subsequent use of AIP by Robbie resulted further in him feeling his cranial bones moving.


  • Irene's testimonial (No.3) with AIP - disappearance of sway back (also combined with Hippocrates diet and health program, post-operative breast lump disappeared). Irene had tremendous abdominal pain, burning toes and heels, with return of suppressed memory. Her sway back she had had as long as she could remember. For three days she tested it before writing me a testimonial. Her lower back now lays flat to the ground when she lays down.


  • My father's experience with AIP (because I didn't have time to hold his points enough). Shrinkage of calcifications in thoracic spine and arm and wrist musculature, pain and burning in arms and shoulders and several other places on body leading to increased freedom and strength of movement in arms. Austrian massage therapist/doctor/naturopath/prior consultant specialist of the Olympic Federation, personally inspected calcifications in his back and wrist at time of last visit and again on return visit, and was amazed at how the huge calcifications had shrunk down into tiny pebbles. He was excited and wanted to know more! The only therapy administered in the time interval between treatments was AIP. This doctor has about forty years of experience in body palpation and manipulative therapies.


Melody's testimonial (No.5) of AIP -

passing in and out of consciousness for several hours activa. Often they are a re-experience of an old childhood rash that was suppressed. Concurrent with the re-experience of the old rash, and elimination of old toxic smells through the skin, comes the fading and disappearance of the scurf rim in the iris of the eye. I wish to point out at this time very specifically, that I have never seen any of the techniques in this document when used properly, result in the increase in width or darkness of the scurf rim in the iris of the eye. The contrary DOES occur, however.


Jason's first experience (No.9) of WBC. The worst feeling I've ever felt in my life! Jason experienced dull chest pain and creaking in sternum, severe burning in toes, on top of left foot, and sacrum - strong pulsing throughout body, severe sweating all over body, full anteriority of all iris fibres going bright white (he observed this himself also, and stated that it was the most obvious healing crisis indications he had ever seen in his iris). He hit the fear level, and just wanted to run away (difficult when you're tightly wrapped up in a sheet and blanket, with about 14 blankets on top of you double folded!) Jason elected to discontinue the session after about 2.5 hours. He began to access a few childhood memories and feelings during the session.


  • Virginia experienced return of feeling to fingers and toes which had not returned even after two holdings of her STO points. Usually SIT would wipe her out for about 3 or 4 hours after every session.


  • Rob - I observed white area around T5 part way through SIT when rest of spine had gone pink. This turned out to be the chronic area of his spine where he had had pain for years (this is quite a consistent finding - a useful diagnostic tool). I worked to get this area of his spine pink by continuing and concentrating on this area with frequent towel drying and rubbing in between. Finally it went pink. Rob also had a history of chronic digestive problems (Nerves from T5 supply the stomach). Following SIT, on his way home, Rob noticed a warm glowing feeling in his stomach from the improved nerve and blood supply.


  • Mark (No.7) observed my iris change, stage by stage, during a healing crisis which followed on after SIT. I lay still for a couple of hours after SIT, with strong burning and pain in my legs and chest, as he observed the changes outlined in his testimonial. I felt my anterior 5th Lumbar slide backwards into position. The back pain and poor leg circulation seem to have now gone. Holding still after SIT and continuing to receive and recreate (transmute) old resistances is very important for results. Without this it is just another physical therapy that affects blood flow and stimulates nerves.


  • Mark's (No.8) spine wouldn't go pink below about T9. I used about 6 bowls of ice, with frequent drying and rubbing in between ice strokes, and spent about a half hour with unusually strong pressure on the ice strokes, until he finally was pink from T9 to his tail-bone. He began to feel electric heat sensations moving from his spine into different parts of his body, especially his abdomen and legs. He held still after SIT and with some facilitation went through three old leg injuries with a full-blown re-experience of the old pain and memory, and with full anteriority of his iris fibres which went bright white. Please see his testimonial later in this document.



  • Jason's spine stayed white on SIT between T11 and L1. We placed a pack (same as AIP) on this area of his spine with him lying face down. He felt strong throbbing in his abdomen over the next 3.5 hours, while he drifted in and out of consciousness (it was in the morning and he'd had plenty of sleep, and not felt tired before the ice pack). After we finished he became aware of a stomach pain which was so intense he did not want to have lunch! Together we checked his eyes: me with an iris torch, and he with a self-analysis mirror. We both observed marked anteriority of his iris fibres, especially in zone 1 and 2 - the digestive area. This appeared very conspicuous and obvious as zones 1 and 2 are notorious for being sunken back in the iris from enzyme deficiency. The nerves from T11 and L1 supply the intestines, the area of his pain. On removal of the ice pack in SIP and AIP the area is still highly sensitive to pinching (good pain response) and therefore is NOT numb. It is also bright pink characteristically. The iris fibres of the relevant sections of the eye move particularly anterior, thus indicating increased nerve supply and electrical potential in the relevant tissues. I could see NO increase of scurf rim in skin zone anywhere on body. Sweating function in Jason has gradually improved using Body Hydropathy. Details on proper formation and application of the ice pack for AIP and SIP follow later.


  • I, for about 2 hours with SIP on L4,5, experienced strong throbbing in my thighs almost continuously. The next day I noticed my thigh muscles were shaped differently and were much stronger. I chose L4,5 because this is one of the areas which stayed white the longest with SIT. Also, after this I noticed an old childhood rash (from Grade 6 in school) emerged on my lower legs.



  • Ms D.M. from Perth (No.2) wrote me a testimonial demonstrating the usefulness of the AC. This contains extremely important information on tumour shrinkage, rash elimination, and improvement of digestive function. These were worn continuously by everyone who attended the Water-Cure establishment with Vincent Priessnitz. They called it Neptune's Girdle, and wore it to hasten the appearance of healing crises. These they congratulated each other on having experienced whenever they appeared, much to the horror of visitors, who couldn't understand that fever, rash, boils, abscesses, and various other symptoms were actually sought after deliberately by these people. (Not unlike a Body Electronics Intensive!) Photocopies from rare old books, are included in this document, describing this situation!


  • A young lady who hadn't had a bowel evacuation for 3 days came to me. I suggested a AC. Her abdomen felt very hot, so I didn't cover the compress with wool. I was in a hurry, and went off to attend to a pressing work obligation. I returned in a few minutes to find that she was having a bowel movement.


Susie B. wrote me a testimonial (No.1) on her experience of the SC. Please note her carefully recorded experience which may be of benefit to others.


  • Heather's neck/back/abdomen and feet were frictioned vigorously until bright pink and warm. The morning after this she noticed her axillary temperature which she took regularly, had jumped up by 1 degree Celsius overnight, and stayed up thereafter. (The woman is well acquainted with taking temperatures with a thermometer and has done so frequently during her many years as a nurse. She frequently took her own axillary temperature to check her thyroid function. It seems that one CWHF session resulted in increased thyroid activity overnight which maintained.) She also found that she wasn't so easily puffed as before (which had become a problem), and that after years of not sweating, she began to sweat with relative ease, even in cooler weather after a little physical activity. This result, from CWHF, of returned sweat function to the skin after years of chronic inactivity in the skin, is consistent in everyone I've ever used it on for that purpose, or other purposes. Some of these people were already on a full nutritional program including niacin to induce a flush. Some of these people flushed with the niacin and some didn't no matter what we tried, but THEY sweated properly only after the CWHF.


  • A child with a thick scurf rim was given gentle CWHF for 20 mins until his back showed a pink reaction and burst out in a rash. I warned his father in advance that CWHF would bring back any old skin rashes, and that this was to be expected. He said that sunblock was religiously applied to his child's skin at day-care. I suggested he do his best to enact the following principle for his family: IF YOU WOULDN'T EAT IT, THEN DON'T PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN!


  • (No.5) As mentioned earlier, after a cold water rebirth with CWHF continuously over her whole body, Melody experienced a regression through old feverish symptomatology with her body shivering, even though she was warm to the touch and looked pink! After this, she could feel gentle pulsing and warmth in her hands and feet for days, and along with the AIP she experienced a basic change in the status of her circulation which has now lasted for months. She used to, for years, have cold hands and feet, and they are now warm, even in cold weather!


  • Tanna was immersed in a tub at about 26°C up to her waist and vigorous friction was applied to her immersed legs and her back. Ablutions were given to her head periodically. This continued for about 5 minutes, after which she walked around with a dry sheet around her body. This whole sequence was repeated three times. Tanna reported feeling cool for the rest of the day, having an enormous appetite, and having 3 or 4 bowel movements that day. After this, Tanna had a tremendous improvement in the circulation in her body, especially her legs and feet, which were extremely warm afterwards - a change which has lasted for weeks.


Please read attached article section from the European magazine - special edition on Dr Kakkar's research. Please note the endocrine gland hormonal secretion, blood circulation, and oxygenation effects confirmed in laboratory and medical studies. Please note in particular the reflex stimulation of the hypothalamus. This strikes me as being similar to the B.E. flow sheet sequence from the hypothalamus down through the endocrine chain.

Dr Kakkar is using a very specific protocol in his work. Priessnitz would sometimes do what Kakkar suggests for hours with CWHF (rubbing) (even more tiring than point holding!) for gout patients.


Another option, from Priessnitz, was to place the person in a half bath in 3-6 inches of water at about 16°C. Blankets were then wrapped around them and the tub, to hold in the air that the body warmed. People were often left like this for 6 hours a day, for 6 or 7 days, until fever was produced, and they broke out in rashes or boils, at which time their gout or arthritis would miraculously disappear!

We know in B.E. that the thymus and thyroid have begun to work again when we get a healing crisis fever. Priessnitz seemed to like to jump straight to this stage by continual stimulation of the hypothalamus with cold water. In this way, the cold water was used like pressure on a point, and was sustained until the body reacted. It was noted that people's appetites and thirst would increase drastically during this treatment, probably from the hypothalamus hyperactivity that ensued temporarily during the reawakening of it's function and the increased demand for nutrition and hydration from the newly restructuring tissues with the increased circulation. The ice in the SIT/SIP/AIP is used similarly.

It has been suggested that there are temperature receptors, with feedback to the hypothalamus temperature regulation area in the brain, in the abdomen and pelvic areas (by Guyton). The cold water of the Sitz Bath and the ice of the SIT/SIP/AIP may activate these temperature receptors, explaining why the sub-normal temperature of the chronic debilitated patient of Johanna Brandt's went back up to normal again (see attached article on The Ice Cure from her book The Grape Cure. Also read section discussing the Splanchnic circulation, further on.)

Sustained digital pressure on a spinal nerve was taught in chiropractic school to cause permanent nerve damage. This was taught out of fear, and from experience with people who didn't have enough nutrition to get through their suppressed numbness. John Ray discovered that if one continued the pressure a crisis was induced with burning pain and eventually fever, once the thyroid reawakened. Similarly, cold water, and ice, induce numbness, but once the numbness is worked through, the burning and increased circulation begin, producing a crisis. Of course, if too much pressure is applied, something breaks, or the person never gets through the numbness, and even actual damage can occur. Similarly, if excessive coldness is applied inappropriately (too cold or too long or too sudden), damage can occur, and the body can be made even more numb and traumatised (the numbness in the skin of surfing addicts from their winter surfing is an example). This is a matter for careful discernment.

If cold water or ice causes pain you can't yet endure, or produces a numbness and insensitivity of the skin, then the scurf rim in the iris of the eye will thicken, and iris fibres will regress. If excessively prolonged and overly intense heat is applied to the skin previously or by itself, then the scurf rim will grow as metabolism exceeds circulation in the body tissues. The scurf rim grows because of pooling of metabolic waste around the cells during the excess heat, and numbness and nerve damage from the excess cold. Because people have misapplied these primal energies (heat and cold, fire and water) in the past, and forced the organism into a disease process, resulting in numbness, insensitivity, under activity and toxicity of the skin, causing the scurf rim to grow, and other involutionary signs (regression and darkening of fibres) to occur in the iris, does not then rule out all hydropathy. To say or think so, is akin to saying that because a four tonne weight falling on a persons lower back damages them, so does a Body Electronics pointholding session with an elbow on an anterior lumbar vertebrae. This we know is not true, unless we put a large gorilla on a little old lady with osteoporosis, in which case her spine might break!

The cold causes mechanical and reflex toning and contraction of the tissues, which increases the pressure around the crystallisations in the body, and so they begin to dissolve. I don't know what name to give to this technique - perhaps cryo-thermo-piezo-electric effect! This physics laboratory principle/effect is just as legitimate as the piezo-electric effect whereby a compressed crystal gives out a current.

Here follows Henry Lindlahr's comments on warm and hot baths:

It is only on rare occasions that we recommend bathing at high temperature. Continually indulged in, it weakens the circulation, enervates the superficial nervous system and leads to atrophy of the cuticle. The effect of warm and hot bathing on the skin shows in the eyes through the heavy dark scurf rim in the outer border of the iris. (Anyone putting down hydropathy based on negative iris changes needs to read Henry Lindlahr's book Irisdiagnosis (Volume IV in his Natural Therapeutics series) to see the results of properly applied hydropathy in combination with proper nutrition.)

Combine with this the understanding that a serious proposal was put forward for the use of hot baths (40°C) as a contraceptive measure for men (long sought after by some!). This proposal was forwarded because of the dramatic lowering of sperm production and sex hormone output that occurs from hot bathing and wearing underwear that holds the testicles too close to the body instead of letting them hang freely as nature intended! Basically, heat shuts down the body's metabolism and hormone output, and cold raises it, as conclusively proven by Dr Kakkar.

Henry Lindlahr's comments on The Danger of Prolonged or Excessively Cold Applications follows:

As I have pointed out, only water of ordinary temperature as it comes from the tap should generally be used in hydropathic applications. It is positively dangerous to apply ice bags to an inflamed organ or to use icy water for packs and ablutions in febrile conditions. Likewise, ice or icy water should not be used in the hydropathic treatment of chronic diseases. Excessive cold is as suppressive in its effects upon the organism as are poisonous antiseptics and anti-fever medicines. The baths, sprays, douches, etc., should not be kept up for too long. The duration of the cold applications must be regulated to the individual condition of the patient and by his power of reaction. It should be borne in mind that it is the short, quick application that produces the stimulating, electromagnetic effects upon the system.

Ice Packs in Body Hydropathy are not used in acute disease, but to awaken the person's vitality so their chronic conditions are replaced by their previous acute ones. Two towel layers are used between the ice and the skin, and the ice pack is only applied to a small area of the body at once. During SIT, the ice is applied intermittently with rubbing dry, and is persisted in until the skin is pink and reaction is achieved. Ice can be beneficial if used properly to induce a healing crisis.

Bottom line: start bathing in tepid water, and gradually decrease the temperature as your body slowly adapts over a period of months to cold water. Never use water so cold it numbs the skin or exceeds your ability to endure. People with numb skins must have friction rubs or STOs held until their skin is sensitive enough for them to tell if the temperature of the water is causing them damage.

Following are Lindlahr's comments on the "Electromagnetic Effect of Cold Water":

One of the most important but least understood effects of hydropathic treatment is its influence upon the electromagnetic energies in the human body. I have never found any allusions to this aspect of the cold water treatment in any books on hydrotherapy which have come to my notice. The sudden application of cold water or cold air to the surface of the nude body and the inhalation of cold air into the lungs have the effect of increasing the amount of electromagnetic energy in the system. This can be verified by the following experiment:

Insert one of the plates of an electrometer (sensitive galvanometer) into the stomach of a person who has remained some time in a warm room. Now let this person inhale suddenly fresh, cold outside air. At once the galvanometer will register a larger amount of electromagnetic energy. The same effect will be produced by the application of a quick, cold spray to the warm body. It is the sudden lowering of temperature on the surface of the body or in the lungs, and the resulting contrast between the heat within and the cold outside, that causes the increased manifestation of electromagnetic energy in the system. This, together with the acceleration of the entire circulation, undoubtedly accounts for the tonic effect of cold water applications such as cold packs, ablutions, sprays, sitz baths, barefoot walking, etc., and for the wonderfully bracing influence of fresh cold outside air. In our Nature Cure work we find all the way through that the continued application of warmth has a debilitating effect upon the organism, and that only by the opposing influences of alternating heat and cold, including seasonal climatic variations, can we produce the natural stimulation which awakens the dormant vital energies in the body of the chronic.

Following are Lindlahr's comments on "Increase of Oxygen and Ozone":

The liberation of electromagnetic currents through cold water applications has other very important effects upon the system besides that of stimulation. Electricity splits up molecules of water into hydrogen, oxygen and ozone. We have an example of this in the thunderstorm. The powerful electric discharges which we call lightning separate or split the watery vapours of the air into these elements. It is the increase of oxygen and ozone in the air that purifies and sweetens the atmosphere after the storm. In acute as well as in chronic disease, large amounts of oxygen and ozone are liberated, and these elements assist to a considerable extent in the oxidation and neutralization of waste materials and disease products.

The following experiment proves that sudden changes of temperature create electric currents in metals: When two cylinders of dissimilar metals are welded together, and one of the metals is suddenly chilled or heated, electric currents are produced which will continue to flow until both metals are at the same temperature. Another application of this principle is furnished by the oxydonor. If both poles of this little instrument are exposed to the same temperature, there is no manifestation of electricity; but if one of the poles be attached to the warm body and the other immersed in cold water or exposed to cold air, the liberaton of electromagnetic currents begins at once. These electric currents set free oxygen and ozone, which in their turn support the oxidation and neutralization of systemic poisons. According to my experience, however, the cold water applications are more effective in this respect than the oxydonor.

The final words from Lindlahr for this document is on "Why We Favour Cold Water":

Some advocates of natural methods still favour warm or hot applications in the form of hot water baths, various kinds of steam or sweat baths, electric light baths, hot compresses, fomentations, etc. However, the great majority of Nature Cure practitioners have come to abandon hot applications almost entirely because of their weakening and enervating after-effects and because in many instances they have not only failed to produce the expected results but have aggravated the disease conditions.

We can explain the different effects of hot and cold water as well as of all other therapeutic agents upon the system by the law of action and reaction. Applied to physics this law reads:'Action and reaction are equal but opposite.' I have adapted the law of action and reaction to therapeutics in a somewhat circumscribed way, as follows: Every therapeutic agent affecting the human organism has a first, temporary, and a second, permanent effect. The second, lasting effect is contrary to the first, transient effect. The first, temporary effect of warmth above the body temperature, whether it be applied in the form of hot air, water, steam or light, is to draw the blood into the surface. Immediately after such an application the skin will be red and hot. The second and lasting effect, however, is that the blood recedes into the interior of the body and leaves the skin in a bloodless and enervated condition, subject to chills and predisposed to catching cold. On the other hand, the first transient effect of cold water applications upon the body as a whole, or upon any particular part, is to chill the surface and send the blood scurrying inward, leaving the skin in a chilled, bloodless condition. The lack of blood and sensation of cold are at once telegraphed over the afferent nerves to headquarters in the brain and from there the command goes forth to the nerve centres regulating the circulation; €˜Send blood to the surface.' As a result the circulation is stirred up and accelerated throughout the system and blood rushes with force into the depleted skin, flushing the surface of the body with warm blood and restoring to it the rosy colour of health. This is the second effect. In other words, the well applied cold water treatment is followed by a good reaction, and this is accompanied by many permanent beneficial results. The drawing and eliminating first effect of hot applications, of sweat baths, etc., is at best only temporary, lasting but a few minutes, and is always followed by a weakening reaction, while the drawing and eliminating action of cold water applications, being the second, lasting effect, exerts an enduring, invigorating and tonic influence upon the skin which enables it to throw off morbid matter not merely for ten or fifteen minutes, as in the sweat bath under the influence of excessive heat, but continually by day and night.


    A lady came to me with many health problems. Her feet were dry, cold, and non-responsive to a pinch test. I poured about an inch of cold water out of the tap into a tray container. I got her to sit in the chair and rubbed her feet while she put them in the cold water in the sun. Eventually I got her to rub her feet against each other, so she could do this at home herself without me. Afterwards I dried her feet and rubbed them briefly with the towel. Then we went for a brief walk. Afterwards, her feet and toes were bright pink, warm, and tingling. This tingling indicates the reawakening of the peripheral nerves. Her feet were now very sensitive to the pinch test - she now winced and jumped with a gentle pinch, and jumped when I dug my nail into her toe.

At Hippocrates Health Centre, where I work as the resident naturopath, I have found that within one week, a chronic cold feet tendency can be turned into a nice warm feet tendency in this way. This then produces a lasting change.

However, a person should continue to receive and recreate the suppressed energy patterns from the past during this process. The stimulation of the hypothalamus by the cold water touching the feet does seem to result in a reflex increase of enthusiasm which is quite noticeable. This increased enthusiasm I would have to call a change of consciousness. With this increased enthusiasm, the people seem more willing to face their suppressed resistances from the past.

It is a point of note, that those greats from the past with years of experience with hydrotherapy insisted that the feet should be bathed more often than the head.

It is a Hindu tradition to bathe the body from the waist up in the morning, before the day's activities, and from the waste down in the evening, before the day's rest.

Master Jesus bathed people's feet with cold water, and I proceed in this practise knowing it is endorsed by the highest authority.


For a full understanding of this type of bath, in combination with and separate from the steam bath, please read Louis Kuhne's book The New Science of Healing. In this book we see excellent case histories throughout, numbering in excess of one hundred. Almost all, if not all of these, involved regression through old symptoms - healing crises. Amongst these case histories are examples of structural change of the body, spine, limbs, etc., some even comparable to the results of Body Electronics. Louis Kuhne did not write about the iris, but used a system of Facial Diagnosis, which changed its indications in reverse order as his people got well.

Also, Henry Edwar Lahn's book Iridology: The Diagnosis from the Eye should be read. In here we find another record of tens, if not hundreds of case histories, using hydrotherapy and diet. In his book the iris changes are described, along with the people's symptoms, as they regress symptom by symptom, in reverse order, and their iris gradually returns to perfection. Lahn was particularly keen on trunk packs (a shorter version of the WSP), and on Sitting on Water (sitting on a pail of cold water for up to ten minutes with the breach and sexual organs immersed in the water, and the rest of the body dry and kept warm. This is one of the simplest of hydrotherapeutic applications, with strong derivative effects, increasing the functioning of the local eliminative organs, and producing increased blood circulation throughout the entire body, as can be seen from testimonial No.10.

Photocopied sections from Kuhne's and Lahn's books are included later in this document.

  • A young lady in her mid-twenties attended Hippocrates. She had had menstrual pain and clotting ever since menarche. She told me she had NEVER had a normal healthy period. Because she was young, strong, and fit I suggested she walk until she began to sweat, and then give herself a cold Friction Hip Bath while vigorously frictioning her abdomen until it felt warmth and pulsation. Then she walked again until her bottom was warm. She only did this once while she was at Hippocrates. A few days later she had the first normal pain-free period of her life!


  • A lady was feeling tired all the time, looked pale, and felt bloated and nauseous every time she ate. I suggested she use the Sitz Bath I lent her, and a week later when I saw her she was pink in the cheeks, and was digesting her food much better.


  • A young man with a history of cold hands and feet his whole life (and a warm abdomen) came to see me. I suggested he sit on water (aka Lahn) for a few minutes twice per day. After a week of this, his mother found he had warm (actually they were warmer than hers, which are usually very warm!) feet for several hours after, and all night in bed, instead of them being cold as they had his whole life!


The Cold Bath was used by Priessnitz only for those with a strong constitution, when the skin had previously sweated, or at least been heated, usually with the Blanket Pack (Whole Body Compression). Priessnitz never used cold water on skin that was already chilled. After the Cold Bath, the person would be bright pink. Always, they were instructed to leave the bath before the second sensation of chill came on. Initially, the first chill sensation disappears, as the body reacts to the cold. After varying lengths of time, depending on people's inherent vitality, a second chill occurs. Priessnitz always avoided the second chill, finding it resulted in harm. The Cold Bath was often between 5°C and 10°C - VERY cold. Yet Priessnitz even used water of this temperature skilfully to induce a healing crisis, as evidenced by the many case histories in R.T Claridge's books Hydropathy - The Cold Water Cure, and The Cold Water, Tepid Water and Friction Cure.

As long as the bright pink colour was present on the skin after the Cold Bath, Priessnitz was pleased. This meant the body had reacted to the cold, similar to the pressure on the point, and dramatically increased it's circulation. When the pink reaction occurs, the skin becomes beautiful, with renewed sensitivity - more than before. If a person stays in the Cold Bath too long, then pure suppression is the result, with the skin becoming numb, the Scurf Rim growing, and the person's skin function being harmed. It is important to understand that Priessnitz was a master in this area, and carefully studied people's eyes, and their skin throughout their course of treatment.

Certain measures were used by Priessnitz to prevent cerebral and pulmonary congestion when the Cold Bath was used. Since he only used it on those with strong constitutions, and with great discernment, and because so much harm can be done with the incorrect use of very cold water, I DO NOT RECOMMEND EXPERIMENTING WITH THIS METHOD. It is included here only to do justice to Priessnitz' work, and to show that even very cold water can be used to induce dramatic healing, when used properly. If you experiment without the experience and knowledge necessary in this area, you do so at your own risk! Don't blame me if your Scurf Rim grows, your skin loses sensitivity, you have a heart attack or a stroke!


The Steam Bath has been tremendously misused through history. Overuse of external heat is harmful to the body, and the skin in particular. External heat raises the metabolism of the body's tissues. In the beginning (first few minutes), it also raises the circulation of blood to the tissues. So for the first few minutes, the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the tissues, and the drainage of cellular metabolic waste from the tissues, is enhanced, as long as the person's heart can stand the stress! But after the first few minutes, much blood pools in the skin and extremities, and does not return to the lungs for re-oxygenation, or to the nutrient stores and the other eliminative organs. Consequently, the metabolism of the cells exceeds the circulation necessary to support it, and a disease process results.

Many steam baths require a person to breathe their own exhalation in again, as the head is often enclosed in the steam bath. This lowers the blood's oxygen levels even faster, and results in a disease process even more quickly.

So, why use a steam bath at all? Because some people have cold skin, and do not have the vitality to react to a Wet Sheet Pack unless the skin is preheated for a short time, to get the momentum of the blood circulation through the skin going again.

So for optimum results with the Wet Sheet Pack, and sometimes with the Sitz and Hip Baths, a brief steam bath for a few minutes with the person's head out (so they can breathe fresh air), just enough to barely begin perspiration (open the pores of the skin), is VERY helpful before these treatments.

Used wisely and appropriately in this way, a lot of work can be saved for the Hydropath who otherwise must expend great energy frictioning the person's skin to achieve the same pink glow achieved in a few minutes in the steam bath. I have used this method for several years, and one of my teachers (a Nature Cure and Iris Diagnosis practitioner) used this method in his practice for sixty years. Neither him or I have seen any detrimental iris changes (including growth of scurf rim) when this method was applied properly. I would like to add that my teacher would only ever privately say that all brown eyes were blue, but never in public, for fear of the consequences. His sole method of working was to use all the natural forces at his disposal to induce a healing crisis fever, so the person could get well. He never lost a cancer patient who he agreed to help, and he successfully treated Down's Syndrome, Haemophilia, and Hermaphroditism (supposed genetic disorders) with his methods during his sixty years of practise.

He knew that Priessnitz never used the steam bath, and said he would have preferred to not have to use it; however, people would not persist long enough to get the results unless he used it to help speed the process along.

After the Steam Bath/Wet Sheet Pack a cold or tepid splash down or shower was given, followed by warm coverings and rest.


1.Susie B.


(Author's note - actually Body Electronics was not applied. Briefly at the beginning of the session, I applied Polarity Therapy Spinal procedure to her spine to allow her to focus more easily and get the simultaneous pulsing through her body earlier. Because I explained certain similarities to her about the results of this type of treatment and Body Electronics, she has included it in the heading of her testimonial.)

Experienced the following:

  • Slight tingling down spine

  • Followed by warmth

  • Breath release enabling lower rib cage to free up

  • This continued up towards upper chest level with chest opening up and breathing becoming freer and relaxed enabling sufficient supply of air into lungs for first time in years

  • Sharp pain in mid upper back towards shoulder blade. This lasted only short time with vertebra cracking with every breath intake.

  • Feeling of anaesthetic in both legs from mid-thigh downwards especially around knees (medial meniscus - 2 removed Nov 91)

  • Upon rising, discovered legs wouldn't hold me up and difficulty in speaking. Felt as if I had just woken from general anaesthetic.

  • Urination was long just like after an anaesthetic.

  • Cold compress smelt like drugs

  • Had to lie down again in 'twilight zone' for further 20 mins.

  • 11.00 am Rose and walked up and down until legs felt stronger

  • 00 - 1.00 pm Slept for further hour

  • Didn't sleep well that night due to stomach cramps and old memories racing back.


  • Improved eyesight

  • .Great release of tension in whole spine for the first time in years

  • Thurs. 16 Oct noticed no pain in spine except for burning in tailbone

  • Also greater flexibility in spine



Experienced the following:

  • Same warmth and tingling down spine

  • Pain in old sore area in mid-upper back lasting several minutes

  • When being touched on tail-bone and upper neck - little spark of electricity on upper neck and slight shift of tail-bone.

  • When rising, anaesthetic like symptoms again for 1 hour afterwards but not as strong as first time.


  • More flexibility in pelvis when walking

  • More awake and not so incredibly tired

  • 3.00-6.30 pm Drove for 3.5 hours that afternoon without getting drowsy, which for me, is a miracle.

  • Tail-bone burning whilst driving and in bed that night

  • Upon arrival, although stiff, JUMPED out of car painless in spine, hip flexors and hips and was able to walk immediately without being bent over in pain and limping badly - a miracle - first time in 3 yrs.

  • Over the weekend, friends commented on how well I'm moving and breathing and no pain reflecting in my face.

  • Even as I write this sitting on my bed, legs spread sidewise leaning forward from the hips - no pain for first time in years.

Susie B.

Chelmer, Qld."


I would like to submit a brief testimonial as to the effectiveness of the cold water abdominal compress, I was kindly introduced to during my stay at Hippocrates.

This remedy had an instant effect on my digestive system and eliminated bloating and discomfort completely as well as initially drawing out toxins as indicated by a skin rash and one larger raised lump (upper thigh) containing a small amount of pus.

I also noted that the raised lump on my lower stomach (diagnosed as an ovarian tumour and pelvic growth measuring 14 cm and believed malignant) flattened, became softer and any occasional twinges of pain arising, gradually dissipated with the continuous wearing of this compress.

Many thanks, Kyle - much appreciated!


Perth, WA."

3.Irene M.

" Hippocrates, Queensland


Dear Kyle

Thank you for all you have given me during my 3 week stay here.

It has been really helpful to me to gain a clearer understanding of how the body works. I am really very surprised and impressed by your huge and comprehensive knowledge and also by your understanding of the medicine and philosophy of other cultures.

In particular I want to thank you for helping me to bring to a head a €˜healing crisis' using an ice-pack on my tummy. Very quickly blood began to pulse through my body and I experienced at first heat and strong pulsing in my big toes and then my knees and then severe pain. I experienced difficulty in breathing because of the pain in the solar plexus area which intensified when I tried to breathe other than in a very shallow way.

Because you encouraged me to breathe deeply despite the pain, I decided to do that, and in a very short time, during which I breathed as deeply as possible, the severe pain eased almost completely and I could breathe very deeply. I noticed then that the lower part of my spine was flat on the bed for the first time in my memory (I am 58 yrs old). I have always had a pronounced sway back. Needless to say I am happy and delighted.

Thank you also for teaching exercises in such a way that the student learns how they benefit health.

And your kindness, sense of humour and ability to adapt your teaching to the student is appreciated. It's lovely.

Very best wishes

Irene M.

4. Pauline


My coccyx and sacrum were the main focus of this experience as they were painful throughout. I also had an intense cold sensation in my heart area which vanished after a good cry. When this occurred I felt such an opening within my chest - my breathing changed to become full and deep and very relaxed. As the coccyx/sacral pain intensified so also did my resistance. The words I want to move, I just want to move repeated in my mind. I felt the need to arch my head backwards, and there was intense tightness in my forehead. It felt like I was in the birth canal with pressure also on my throat - I just wanted to move, to get out, get away.

Once I'd cried and expectorated (clear mucous) there was complete calm. I could feel a new sensation that travelled from my coccyx up my spine, over the top of my head and down the front of my body to my pubic bone. There was a brief period after this of waiting for the last little bit of mild pain to release from the coccyx and I opened my eyes. I felt great!

Friends present at the time commented how my forehead had popped out and my walk was back to the way it was before I was pregnant. (Our son was 2 months young at the time of this experience.


Kyle's Self-Healing Course introduced me to the technique of shaking exercises. This brought about the most amazing transformation to my circulation - my whole body started FEELING the circulation by producing warmth throughout the entire body - even as far as feeling the €˜aliveness' in the skull area.

My nervous system felt so much calmer. As if a total change - from adrenal rushing to a state of calmness.

I then embarked in a friction rub during a cold water Rebirth. The friction rub with the waters' stimulating influence, brought about a feeling of circulation and heat despite the coldness of the water.

This brought on old chills from the past, as a healing crisis. After this my circulation was increased even further. I now have warmth, particularly in the hands and feet area. This is a dramatic constitutional change.

The abdominal ice pack, passing in and out of consciousness - this was amazing, abdominal pain, as if the Caesarians were relived. The hours passed so quickly, as if there was a time warp. As I was going in and out of consciousness I was remembering incidences of the past. The heat started at the perineum and worked its way up the spine to the base of the skull where tingling began and is still current (a feeling of restoration of blood supply.)

Restoration of the sexual organs. I began to feel again. I became free of old resistances in this area. Increased libido, a tremendous energy boost, and freedom in thoughts and feelings. But with this it has opened up my life with trusting and a feeling of love for myself.

The Spinal Ice Technique. It was a sharp razor-like feeling bringing about a pulsing feeling through the fingers and legs and feet. This also brought about such release of emotions. I now feel so confident to say what I feel, when I feel it. I now feel such truth and whatever happens I believe I will flow through life, just knowing and trusting, and I am so safe.


Gold Coast, Qld.


6.Please see David White's testimonial which he typed himself

which follows.

7.Mark's testimonial about what he observed in my iris during my


Through experimentation with Kyle, using the hydrotherapy in conjunction with proper nutrition, I observed several iris changes after I applied ice up and down Kyle's spine. Kyle was covered and kept warm with a blanket and started going through a healing crisis. I observed his eyes before he went into the crisis, during the crisis, and after the crisis. My observations were:

Before crisis -

  1. Quite a dark brown colour overlaying the fibres with very little blue fibres visible

  2. A black crypt in left iris in the breast region

During crisis -

  1. All iris fibres raised forward and the edge of the crypt in the left breast area raised forward and became white.

  2. I watched the iris fibres around the leg region change from light brown to green to blue.

After crisis -

  1. There were more fibres visible than before, much of the brown discolouration had gone around the leg and breast regions.

  2. Green and blue were now showing.

  3. The crypt had gone from being totally black to a lightish grey colour.

I witnessed Kyle having burning in chest and as he intensified the pain there the crypt filled in with lighter coloured fibres. The whole thing lasted a good couple of hours. I learned about this colour change going from black (unconscious) to the lighter shades moving up the emotional scale after the observation of Kyle's iris.

- Mark Gavins N.D.

Qld. Ph:07 55 25 37 17"

8.Mark's experience during SIT.

"My experience with the spinal ice technique.

After the blood supply was to the whole of my spine (as shown by the pink line up my spine in response to the ice, I started experiencing old traumas. One trauma which surfaced was a fall on my coccyx - in which I experienced the pain and saw the event as if I was experiencing it now. Then a number of other events resurfaced. The whole thing just kept going until I chose to get up. During the experience I was facilitated by Kyle. I had an old knee injury and ankle injury resurface. I experienced the pain, the visual memory, and the emotions I felt at the time. The re-experiencing of old trauma's came after the SIT was completed and I was covered with a blanket. Kyle observed that my iris fibres were raised forward and were bright white. The body seemed to go onto automatic as the different traumas were experienced. Immediately after the treatment I felt terrible. A day or so later my energy was higher than it had been for a long time. Although experiencing a few old pains I felt great.

- Mark Gavins N.D.

Qld Ph:07 55 25 37 17"

9.Jason's testimonials.


I spent about 3 hrs wrapped up. My hands and head throbbed hard for most of the time and my feet did for a little while. I sweated vigorously for the whole time even on my cheeks where I haven't sweated for a long while. I regularly sweat there now. At the end of the session I had lower abdominal pain. The next day I had a day of cleansing diarrhoea.


Strong throbbing through hands and head and my whole body felt very warm for the whole time. Afterwards there was a noticeable divet in the middle of my forehead where the most intense throbbing was. The divet was noticed by Kyle, my girlfriend, and myself.


I was intensely hot for the whole time with an uncomfortable feeling. I sweated vigorously the whole time, leaving a puddle of sweat on the floor. I had a burning pain on the top of my toes, heels and sacrum. When I fully expanded my chest I had a strong pain in my sternum. I had a strong tingling/vibration through my hands, upper torso and head for the last half of my time on the table. It was very uncomfortable feeling, the most intense I had ever experienced. After about 2.5 hrs I could not lovingly and willingly endure any more. Kyle took off the blankets asking whether I was sure I really wanted to come out. All iris fibres were bright white. The next day my head was still throbbing. By the end of the day I was feeling quite sick and hot. I threw up and felt that bad that it reminded me of how I felt when I had concussion 12 years ago.

10.E. Raccanello

"To whom it may concern, or those who suffer from poor circulation or haemorrhoid problems,

My son Robert had a brain tumour at two and a half years old. He is now nineteen years old. He was left with many problems but, one of them has been poor circulation. He has had no relief of this problem until we tried Kyle's methods. Kyle suggested that we use cold water and briskly rub it over the body. This exercise used to take approximately 30 minutes before we achieved any pinking of the skin. However with time we now only have to give him a tepid shower and his skin quickly turns pink.

At one of the point holding sessions Kyle placed an ice pack on his abdominal area. From this Robert had pain and burning in his head an memories of one of his operations. We also noticed sweating on his cheeks, a place which he has never sweated on before. Pink patches were also visible on his cheeks and forehead. Till this day he has a more pinkish complexion compared to a pale sickly colour. Kyle has asked me to mention what occurred during the Abdominal Ice Pack. We used this privately at home WITHOUT pointholding at the same time. I observed his right forehead popped out and Robbie could feel movement in the bones in his head and face. Robbie said he felt burning and vibration in different parts of his body and head.

Haemorrhoids is another problem that Robert suffers. They are aggravated easily and bleed often. Kyle suggested cold bum baths. Bum baths are when you sit in a basin of cold water. Since starting this method there has been a great improvement.

Another area that has been helped is that Robert no longer suffers cold feet. Since we started with these methods his feet are warm and he no longer needs to wear socks.

We recommend Kyle's methods as they have helped us solve a problem that has been around quite some time.


11.Helen Elkington

"Testimonial 9th February '98

I consulted Kyle Grimshaw-Jones at Hippocrates one Saturday (after attending his 8 week course on health) seeking advice and relief for chronic pain in the chest, upper and lower back. I suffered asthma and a disc bulge between L3 and L4.

Due to time restrictions and low energy levels, Kyle suggested an abdominal ice pack which resulted as follows:-

  • I experienced extreme pain and burning in front of chest and upper back area, resulting in a dramatic release and opening of my chest making breathing deep and easy and I could feel breath in my lower abdomen for the first time.


  • felt an explosion-type feeling in my lower back resulting in normal strength and mobility and I was then able to twist and roll over. I had the sciatic nerve severed to relieve disc bulge pain in my back some years prior.


  • I had restriction in my abdomen underneath a gall bladder scar and I experienced a great release during the abdominal ice pack and this allowed my abdomen to rise and fall with each breath which was deep and easy for the first time despite 12 months of breathing exercises.

In combination with other procedures undertaken with Kyle, I no longer require any medication for asthma and have had no asthma attacks for 6 weeks to date.

H. Elkington

Gold Coast."



The pages at the end of this document from Johanna Brandt's book The Grape Cure describe this. The important points are:

  • a double layer of towelling in between the ice and the skin

  • placement is over the Coeliac Ganglion, or Solar Plexus

  • I usually wet the skin surface of the towelling with a dash of cold water so the action of the compress starts sooner.


Please see the description in the pages from the document Hydropathy; ... Used for thinner weaker patients who would not do well with the Whole Body Compression (WBC).

  • You can "T-bar" two wet sheets so as to cover the persons arms (unless claustrophobic)

  • Tuck dry towel around neck if person has wool allergy

  • Use pure wool and pure cotton preferably

  • Precede with BRIEF Steam Bath if person chilly or slow to react

  • A dry sheet placed on blankets before wet sheet prevents the blankets from getting so wet

  • Four stages - tonic, sedative, heating, sweating

  • Give water to sip if sweating stage is reached

  • Only launder sheets in bio-compatible washing agents

  • If person claustrophobic, this is not necessarily a contraindication, if they are ready to work through it, and re-experience the suppressed memory that underlies it.


  • Only used for strong patients with well-built bodies

  • Mineral supplementation ESSENTIAL (Also some salt sometimes)

  • Discontinue when sweat breaks out on face (historically)

  • Please read description in "Hydropathy;..." but note that the blankets used were dry.



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21 st January, 1998

Mr Kyle Grimshaw-Jones

Universal School of Holistic Healing Arts

Suite 19, 100 Bundall Road

Surfers Paradise 4217

Dear Kyle



Further to my attending your Self-healing course, I wish to take this opportunity of expressing both my admiration and sincere gratitude for the remarkable and positive changes that have manifested within me as a result of your teaching and guidance.

To this end, I would be pleased if you would share this testimonial with others seeking to the truth about healing themselves through Holistic means.

To recount my personal healing experience, I should first like to recall those problems first discussed with you during orientation: namely, back pain, migraine headaches, low lung capacity, eczema, painful feet.

During our sessions together, we discussed the lifestyle and dietary requirements for optimising my body's natural ability to self-heal. Having followed these guidelines to the best of my ability, I then undertook a session of Hydrotherapy, with you, in November 1997.

You will recall that, in order to expedite a rapid increase in blood circulation, I first spent 10 minutes in a steam tent. This was then followed by my body being wrapped in a cool, moist cotton sheet, and then, in turn, being wrapped in several woollen blankets.

For a periods of 90 minutes I concentrated on my reverse breathing technique whilst being regularly hydrated. It was during this time that I had a profound self-healing experience.

At first I noticed that my body temperature was raised to that normally experienced during a fever - although I did not experience any discomfort as a result. I then became aware that my entire body was experiencing a rhythmic, synchronistic pulsing in time with my heartbeat, as oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood began to flow to every extremity of my body.

As stated during orientation, thirteen years ago, during a Rugby Union game, I suffered a broken sternum (breastbone), resulting in hospitalisation and extensive bed rest. I can recall that at the time I had great difficulty in breathing, and my lung capacity never did return to its pre-injury volume. I have also suffered extreme upper, middle, and lower back pain for many years as a result of playing Rugby, with numerous chiropractic and physiotherapy sessions failing to alleviate the constant pain of same. I was also favouring my left foot that had been damaged in a motorcycle accident in my teens.

However, soon after feeling the synchronistic pulsing in my hydrotherapy session, I experienced a thoracic reconstruction, wherein I felt my sternum and associated ribs move back into their pre-injury position. I have subsequently noticed a marked increase in my lung capacity as well as a dramatic increase in the size and flexibility of my chest and rib cage. I find it easier to breathe and no longer hold my breath when feeling stressed.

Furthermore during the hydrotherapy session, I experienced a spontaneous spinal realignment without the aid of external pressure or spinal adjustment. I can remember lying on my back with my body gently pulsing when a series of small contractions occurred, originating at the top of my spine and slowly moving towards my pelvis, and felt several vertebrae move into their pre-injury and natural position.

Notwithstanding, there has been a marked decrease in back pain and I have not suffered a migraine since my spontaneous spinal realignment took place.

During my hydrotherapy session, I experienced a great deal of heat in my feet, and my left foot was throbbing. It was then that I felt a twitching sensation as the bones spontaneously re-aligned themselves to their pre-injury position.

Subsequently, I no longer experience any pain or discomfort in my foot. However, I have yet to see wheter this shall also be the case come winter when, traditionally, the pain is at its worst.

Towards the end of my hydrotherapy session, the dilation of the veins in my forehead marking the increase of blood flow to my head resulted in my becoming aware of my Pituitary gland being stimulated. I understand from this that my endocrine system has also benefited from the experience. Furthermore, the eczema rash on my forearms has not returned since I undertook my hydrotherapy session last November.

You may recall that during the session that you undertook an examination of my irises and advised me that I might undergo some spontaneous healing over the next few days and that I would probably feel quite ill.

Well, true to your word, for a period of three days after my hydrotherapy session I was bed-ridden and feverish. I expelled a large volume of both gastrointestinal and respiratory tract mucus during this fever and experienced vivid memories of my early childhood and, in particular, how ill an allergy to dairy products made me when I was young.

I feel that I have undergone a rapid development of the spiritual and emotional aspects of my consciousness and both my wife and mother have stated that they have noticed favourable changes in my personality and outlook as a result of my studying with you.

It is my considered opinion that the use of Holistic Self-Healing principals, and in particular hydrotherapy under your direction, has had a lasting and beneficial influence on my personal health and wellbeing. I would gladly share my experience with anyone seeking to learn the truth about self-healing through the guided use of your hydrotherapy techniques.

Yours, thankfully and sincerely,

David White.



Before the ice pack was applied I noted very carefully the lesions, pigment spots, depth of fibres, any chronic and degenerative signs in each persons iris. Once the ice pack was applied I witnessed and recorded six people work back through old traumas, and observed very strong iris changes occurring.

  1. ANNA

  1. Had a very brown eye, with just visible green fibres in zone 6.

  2. During her healing crisis, as she went back through an old trauma with her neck, and all the emotion, sensory memory and word patterns which surfaced, she experienced tremendous pain. Her iris fibres at this time where a little more visible and the whole iris was a golden colour.

  3. After 4 hours of pain there were blue/green fibres very clearly visible in zones 3 to 6. The brown still inside the ANW was a light shade of brown, whereas before it was quite dark.

  1. STEVE

  1. Experience burning in the toes and the head.

  2. During the pack all iris fibres raised forward and were bright white.


  1. I observed a small dark crypt in the shoulder region of both David's eyes.

  2. After the ice pack was applied he retrieved the memory of a dislocated shoulder during a football game. He experienced all the pain, emotion, vision or sensory memory and the word patterns, with the help of facilitation. The pain was very intense.

  3. The iris fibres around the crypt raised bright white.

  4. After several hours of pain David had burning at the base of the spine.

  5. After the experience the fibres in the crypt were much lighter and a bright white healing line was running through the middle.


  1. A dark brown psora spot was observed at 6 o'clock in the right eye.

  2. The pack was placed on and she felt numbness in the pelvic area.

  3. After this she experienced stabbing pain from the knee to the hip and concentrating in the uterus.

  4. Almost all of the fibres in her iris raised forward.

  5. The big brown pigment spot had dramatically decreased in size and lightened in colour to an orange.

  6. After the crisis was over the pigment spot was hardly visible


  1. A small grey lesion was seen in the right eye at 9 o'clock and a leaf lacunae at 3 o'clock in the right eye, grey in colour. Also observed was a very large pink pigment spot at 6 o'clock.

  2. During her experience with the abdominal ice pack, she had back pain and pain in the pelvis.

  3. Afterwards, I noticed that the large pink pigment spot had faded in the middle.

  4. Jenny also experienced pain in the middle of the chest and her breathing rate increased.

  5. The fibres around the lesions in the heart area raised and became bright white.


  1. Before the ice pack was applied all the blue fibres were covered with a yellow wash giving an appearance of a green eye.

  2. During the ice pack I observed raised white fibres in the leg region.

  3. Delia experienced pain in the legs.

  4. After a while the pain in her body became very intense. Her limbs were vibrating, she had burning in the lower back and pelvic pain.

  5. Delia had feelings of the epidural many years ago.

  6. She had electricity shooting throughout her body. She described the feeling as €˜electrical veins'.

  7. After these experiences her iris was much bluer, a lot of the yellow wash was removed and the whole iris was much brighter in colour.


(Original document now has extracts from several old books on Hydropathy discussing the healing crisis, techniques, and other things.)