Kyle Grimshaw-Jones ND, RT www.conscioushealing.com.au

1. Enjoy sleep.

2. Breathe, sigh, yawn, stretch, Ahhhhhh....

3. Celebrate cleansing the bodies.

4. Worship the God of your own heart.

5. Do yoga, stretching, and physical activity (Walk, Run, Swim, Sweat).

6. Prepare a meal with love: make love with food.

7. Act upon inspiration - just do it!

8. Make love in everything you do. Work is love made visible - Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet.14. Breathe, smile, touch and hug.

9. Plant things and watch them grow (not Cannabis!)

10. Connect with and celebrate nature regularly in a meaningful way.

11. Celebrate learning new things and sharing them with others. Learn something new and teach someone new.

12. Celebrate self-sufficiency and enjoy mutual exchange of ideas, goods and services.

13. Preserve the great legacy for future generations - practise love and guardianship. Active community interest and responsibility is one way of expressing your love for those around you and future generations. Build and store.

14. Create sculpture, art, and craft - create something!

15. Celebrate music fo the upliftment of the souls around you and yourself.

16. Dance (to the Rocky Theme!, Wild Tribal, or other) and sing - celebrate rhythm, pitch, tone, and harmony.

17. Massage each other and yourself, and breathe.

18. Listen to each other (communicate) with living beings of all ages, cultures, and ecosystems.

19. Breathe, smile, touch, and hug.