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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

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Welcome to Conscious Healing
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Saturday, 12 June 2004 11:54

kylefaceshotbeardlessverysmallHi Folks!   Thought I'd wack together a few articles I've written about the things I like to teach and do. Hope they help you folks to be well, stay well, get well!

I'm Kyle, and Conscious Healing is my creation. My CV is in the about Kyle section. In short, I've been teaching people about natural health stuff for years, and have worked in many clinics/health centres. Over the years, I've become interested in the big picture. The big consistent patterns of the way we live and feel about ourselves. I've done much research on health matters. I've realised that there are certain understandings and information that can not be successfully passed on in the normal clinical naturopathic model. Time and money considerations do not allow for this in our current health care system. And long-term changes in people's health require long-term changes in their environments and lifestyle practices.

The impact of us humans on the natural world that supports us is now so strong, broad, and far-reaching that there are very large dynamics which require changing to ensure better longer-term health of us humans on this planet.

The relationship between our attitudes, thoughts, emotions, memories, lifestyle practices and our sense of well-being has been a great area of interest to me.

Now I'm attempting to express this information and experience to make it understandable and useful to people.

Simply put, we're here to save the world!

Please understand folks, I believe everything I've written. But what you decide to do with it is your decision, and you're responsible for the consequences of those choices, whatever they are - I am not. We seem to live in an era where someone wants to sue anyone about anything to get something! - comprende? So, to avoid being sued, please understand, you are responsible for your health decisions, for your every trust, and your every action - not me. If in doubt, or even if not in doubt, go consult your doctor/health professional, and for legal reasons, please read the disclaimer below.

More Later. Hope you enjoy.

Kyle Grimshaw-Jones

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